The "freaks" were the same as any other close group. Jokes among each other were common, and all were targets for teasing, within the group, As in any family there were misunderstandings and minor anger, but they were always a protectiveness and caring group. They/we looked out for, and loved, each other.

"Freaks" tended to be fiercely independent, inasmuch as they were, and are, special people.
To further answer your many questions, <G> (I hope I make a good speech!) I have heard all kinds of claims of very high wages paid to them, but logistics indicate the absurdity of that.

The general price of a ticket was a quarter, and often that went down to 15 cents. With six or seven real "freaks at each show, math says about $100-$200 a week. (I was well paid at $75.00 weekly! that was a bunch of money in the 40's and 50's!)

Finally, the owners, although appearing to be "hard guys" treated the oddities on their shows with caring, awareness, and respect... They were often the only real "parents" these people, (and I) had!

I think I skipped a couple of things. The "Freaks augmented their incomes with dime cards, and generally audiences were respectful... Most, if not all, The "congress" put on a good show, and the few hecklers were fielded well...and sensitivity.

Slim Price: January 27, 1998


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