Step down a little closer; you don't want to miss a thing. Join fifty-year sideshow veteran, Rick West, on a strange and wonderful trip through behind-the-scenes tales of his life as a showman.


The strange, the bizarre, the unusual comprise this engaging memoir bursting at the seams with rare images of two-headed cows, Bigfoot creatures, pickled punks, showgirls, humongous hogs, 3,500-pound steers, and much, much more.


From attending the Ozark Empire Fair at age five to revealing the true story behind Frank Hansen's infamous Minnesota Iceman, the author takes the reader into the world of America's sideshows and midway grind shows. It's all here; it's all on the inside.


See it now or miss it forever.   It's Showtime!





What more could any visitor to the world of the sideshow want than a behind the scenes look at the wonderful world of show business, with all it's Grind, Grit and Glitter!

Rick West on the inside of his new book Pickled Punks & Girlie Shows has invited you under the mysterious side walls of the top, behind the curtains of the Blowoff to see his extra added attractions, and down the amazing sawdust trail of his life.

All for your amazement, it will shock you, it will amuse you, but most of all it will give you an amazing look at a history that most of us only see from the other side of the midway.  So Step Right this Way, you'll never remember what you paid to get in, but you'll never forget what you are about to read on the inside of Rick's new book Pickled Punks & Girlie Shows. 

Get it now to learn the secrets of an amazing life on the midways of America, or "Miss it Forever.  It's Show Time!"

John Robinson -
Sideshow World


"Pickled Punks and Girlie Shows" will take you on a wonderfully curious trip down showman Rick West's memory lane a lane that couldn't be more off the beaten path. Recollections of his two-headed calf, the world's largest steer, the biggest pig ever exhibited, a "missing link" frozen in ice, and more are shared in such a personal way, that by the book's end, West has easily become your most interesting friend.

Marc Hartzman -
Author of "American Sideshow", AOL Weird News Contributor

Just got my copy of Pickled Punks and Girlie Shows: A Life Spent on the Midways of America and despite the disclaimer that I wrote the intro, it's a wonderful, wonderful thing. The chapter on the Ice Man is worth the price of the book (yes, a big reveal). You miss this one at your peril, people.

James Taylor -
Author Shocked and Amazed! On and Off the Midway

I haven't been this excited about the arrival of a book since I ordered the Don Boles trilogy from Abbott's when I was 14!!!!...Rick has been on the show trail since the early '60's and with 50 years+ on the North American Show trail, has seen and lived the transformation of shows since then...Thanks Rick for bringing us into the sideshow world as seen through a veterans eye's...I'm watchin the mailbox in anticipation!!!...Bravo!!!

Jim Zajicek -
Owner of the "Big Circus Sideshow"

Rick West' - Pickled Punks and Girlie Shows -A life Spent on the Midways of America is terrific. West's adventures as one of the premier exhibitors of freak animal shows on American midways are incredible. Besides the colorful stories there are plenty of photos in black and white and in color. Along Rick's journey you will meet carnival strippers, frozen creatures, giant alligators, gifted pitchmen, plus Rick's own giant horses, over size bovines, monster pigs, and pickled freaks. If you want an insider's take on the wacky world of sideshows - you got it here first class."

A. W. Stencell -
Author of "Circus and Carnival Balllyhoo: Sideshow Freaks, Jaggers, and Blade Box Queens"


Rick West's new book Pickled Punks and Girlie Shows: A Life Spent on the Midways of America not only takes us on a ride through the glitz and glamour of the midway but also takes us behind the scenes into the struggles and hardships that a showman goes through to get the show framed and out onto the midway. Very few books have been written like this one, letting us view the progression of his career, starting from working with his uncle as a child to eventually owning and operating several successful shows!. A beautifully framed book as we wouldn't expect less from the high quality shows Rick has put out over the years!


Kevin Gerrone Sideshow Artist Extraordinaire



*Be astounded by 200+ bizarre, unusual, and many never-before-seen sideshow images

*See amazing carnival midway shows...animal shows, freak shows, and, of course, girlie shows

*Complete with a glossary of carnival lingo and other interesting words and phrases.


Forward: James Taylor - Shocked & Amazed


Size:  11” x 8 ˝”   Soft cover   Illustrations 175+ color & 35+ b/w images  Pages: 160



Rick West’s  “Pickled Punks & Girlie Shows: A Life Spent on the Midways of America” may be purchased at your local bookstore, numerous online retailers, Schiffer Publishing or direct from the author.


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Rick West

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