Two Hours From Home and Broke Down


Almost made it home. Drove up from Tucson to Vegas to do the San Gennaro. Had room to put up only one of my "Freaky Peeps" The other I put out at Wizard Bob's Bug Museum. That one did horrible, but mine did what it was supposed to do, which is buy breakfast and coffee everyday.

Anyway, stopped off in the South Bay to the in-laws for a couple of days. Sunday we began the final leg home. Along 680 somewhere after the 580 interchange I began hearing strange whirling grinding sounds when I would let up off the gas. Wondering if somehow I could nurse the puppy home, it only got worse. So just before the Carquinez Bridge I took the last exit and pulled her over. Yup, the rear end just went kaput!... Had it towed to a mechanic but it would take about three to five days to get back on the road. Hell to that---So I called my mechanic in Hooterville and he got one of his tow trucks to drag it back to Hooterville.

So now its at the repair barn and the wifey and I are finally home after our spring swing looking at a big repair bill. We just had our traditional pot of "coming home" spaghetti and tomorrow looks to be a better day.

Got lots of tie dye to do in the next few weeks before we head up north.

Our spring fling was a lesson to be sure. The "freaky peeps" did not do as well as planned. Either it is ahead of its time, or folks just don't care, or don't get it, or?

If I had a quarter for every person that would walk up, read the instructions and then look into the viewer and push the coin plunger in hopes of quarters spilling out, then I could afford my repair bill with change to spare. Evidently while folks can read of sorts, their comprehension of what they read is lacking. That is the only answer I can fathom.

We put up the Museum once, and that was in Tucson. The money wasn't great but it did what it was supposed the do. Quite frankly it is time to re-think the role of the ten foot front as a show. Folks that came in liked what we did, but it was not like the hey day. I have probably overstayed my welcome with that concept.

The Curator and I spent a lot of nights cutting up the jackpots there in Tucson. Lots of ideas flew around in the breeze--who knows, maybe one of them will come to pass.

BTW the way JZ, my wife will root around for that tractor bro pic of me atop the 'ol Peacefarmer. If she finds it, I will scan it and post it here, as well as you atop the Powerking. Does anyone here know of your record setting exploits you set in Tucson? Probably not, being the modest tractor man that you are... In time the entire world will know of your successes in the field of tractor endeavor.

Perhaps one day, when Mr. Strong gets a tractor of his own, we can all get together and have a tractorama. Of course I will take a while to get the Peacefarmer to the start line, as its a hand crank start...

till later



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