“The Harvard of Sideshow Schools!”


Jim Zajicek, Owner Big Circus Sideshow


“I was blown away, totally empowered with a new understanding of my capabilities!”


“Believe me, spending a few days with Harley is unlike anything else in the world.”


Anyone who is on the fence about taking a class with Harley should jump the hell off and do it. He's a one-of-a-kind teacher. It will take your performance to the next level!”


“Harley is extremely knowledgeable and has a massive amount of performing experience. This would mean little if he were not an excellent teacher. It was an amazing experience! People who know me said that I was different even when I wasn't performing. In performance, there was a huge leap. I took Harley's course and cannot find enough superlatives to describe my experience.”

For more information about the classes click Oddity U. Email Harley Here .

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