The world's longest sideshow is setup in Lubbock TX. Over 150 feet of footage. Good thing we're not paying by the foot. It was a grueling jump from the Utah State Fair to West Texas.


Finally had everything setup at 5:55pm and opened at 6pm to massive crowds hence being a free parking and free gate on opening day. We bypassed a major storm from a remnants of a hurricane on Thursday, but it seems to be lingering for a few days.


Friday we were stuck in a chronic hysteretic where you could have drove five miles in any direction but south and been out of the rain that lasted a good five hours. It looks like we're going to get the Saturday in, but a 70% chance of rain all day today. The Miller Spectacular shows looks phenomenal in Lubbock with so many spectacular rides.


I can't believe the arsenal of spectacular rides and the decades of hard labor to come up with the cash to acquire such fabulous equipment. More updates from Lubbock in days ahead.



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