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Cancer Care and Living Expenses

Meet Jim Zajicek if you don't know him already. A Showman who traveled throughout the United States, for over 30 years,  and entertained people with various Circus acts and as a "talker" on his own old time Sideshow. - until last year.

Last year, Jim wasn't feeling his best and went in for what he thought would be a standard check up. He was experiencing some shortness of breath and fatigue. The blood test showed an extremely low hemoglobin level and he was immediately admitted to the hospital for more exams. He never expected it to be the dreaded word: CANCER.

He had a mass removed from his colon and then completed 6 months of chemo therapy. Feeling optimistic, and itching to get back to the life he knows and loves, he hit the road and went right back to work.
After 5 short months, he returned for a follow up exam where it showed that the cancer had come back and it was "aggressive". It is now considered STAGE 4 and it is speeding.

After quite a bit of research, Jim decided to pursue "alternative" wellness treatments. These treatments are meant to boost your immune system so that your body can heal and many people are being healed with these treatments! He had just started on his first week at the Utopia Wellness Center, in Oldsmar, Florida, when a time bomb exploded, causing a hole in his colon and a nasty infection which sent him back to the hospital. After another surgery and 4 weeks of recovering in the hospital, he is finally home again and looking forward to getting his strength back and resuming wellness treatments.

Jim is self-employed and his work causes him to constantly travel. It is all he has known. With the intensive daily treatments necessary, he is unable to travel or do any other kind of work for the time being. His finances are quickly being depleted and he could use your help. He needs to focus on getting well and not worrying about how to pay for it all. Sadly I know there are many faced with concerns like this who don't know where to turn. As part of the human family, I hope that we can deepen our connection by supporting one another. Jim hopes that he can play it forward some day. 

My goal is to raise more than enough money to cover all his treatments that are not covered by insurance, and provide some money for him to keep up with the cost to live until he can get back on the road or find new employment.

Your donation will help a man who has helped many people over the years. He would never ask for money for himself, so I am asking for him. He grows more and more concerned about not being able to earn any money right now and even talked about giving up on treatment so that he wouldn't go bankrupt. These treatments are vital to his well being! I can not let that happen!

Please give generously if you can and also know that no amount is too small. (IF 1,750 people gave only $20 we can reach this goal!) ALL contributions are graciously appreciated. If you can not afford to give, we completely understand and would just ask for your prayers and help in sharing his story with someone else who might be able to support him right now. Maybe you know a co-worker, employer, organization, business, friend or philanthropist who is able to give?  I do believe that what we give comes back to us multiplied. If you took the time to read this story, whether you give or not, I wish you a life of healthy abundance.

Peace and Love on your life's journey! 



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