Latest Truck Fiasco

or it's not just a Basket they put Chianti Wine Bottles In!


by John Strong III

Like I said, we came back to tow the truck away from the fueling pumps. When we arrived, the truck was gone and moved into the most isolated part of the truck stop lest it burn to the frame. My gut reaction was that it was going to be a grand to get it out of an impound yard, but luckily I touched base with the truck stop manager beforehand and she had a little sympathy and must have been feeling good that her entire truck stop didn't go up Sylvester Stallone Demolition Man style.


Paris my right hand man and I checked the fuses and different points with a light tester. What happened is that someone cut the protective coating on the main cable from the battery to the engine, which welded to the frame. At dusk, we went back to the camp site. When I arrived back, the self proclaimed @$$hole of a mayor wanted ten dollars a day for us to be there because we've overstayed our welcome. This new news stirred me up enough to want to get out of there as soon as possible.

This time I took all of the male crew thinking our collective minds could figure it out. The only problem is that we would have the intellect of Schlitze, lol. However, Paris did trace back to the battery and that the major short melted the negative post of the battery. So, I was off to the auto parts store, O'Reilys, since they're under warranty (until JULY) hoping that would solve all our problems. I got the battery back. When I turned the key for the glow plugs to engage, the glow plugs would engage but not disengage in 15 seconds. Our collective minds worked on it for two hours and we were stumped. The problem was nothing we were going to be able to solve. I was hoping we hadn't fried the starter, alternator, the fuses, the wiring harness, and the computer on the truck.


We hooked up the tow chain and tried to tow it around the truck stop to no avail. I decided to tow it 30 miles and find someone who could look at it,  if I had to hire a tow truck, it would cost me another grand. My right hand man said "towing a dead semi with a half ton isn't the brightest of  ideas" especially since the brakes only work when the engine is on.


You know me, I decided I was going to tow it anyway,  a dead truck at the truck stop wasn't going to get us anywhere anyway. I remember a shop that was open across from a livestock yard it was open on Saturday. I told Paris we were going to make this stop on the phone before he smashes into the back of my pickup. To make it worse, it was pouring down rain. As I pulled the truck into the mechanics shop, it was really hard to stop. Luckily it was an uphill driveway that slowed the semi. In that pouring rain, a guy named Jesse came out and asked if we needed any help. I knew right then I found the guy who would solve our problems.

The mechanics shop turned out to be a chopper shop where they fixed Harley Davidson motorcycles full of bearded burly bikers. I asked the Jesse, if he could fix diesels. He said, “Of course I can fix diesels. I grew up as a farm boy in Iowa.” He got wires out of a tool box and a test light and went to work in the pouring rain. This amazed me that someone would be out there trying to fix my problem in the pouring rain. It was late Saturday and I opened Tuesday. Jesse was a godsend and he was working vigorously to solve our problem. I had an appointment in five minutes to have a tattoo three blocks up the street while they were shoving needles in my arm at 110 per second, which ironically didn't hurt a bit after the outlining.


 I have a mind like steel. It's like mind over matter. If you don't have a mind, it doesn't matter. Lol

When I was in the middle of getting the shrunken head tattoo,  the tattooist wife came in to told me that  my wife called and said they had the truck fixed. In fact, I saw it drive by while I was in the chair. So, I had the truck fixed and was getting my first tattoo. It was good day.


I knew I wasn't going to blow another fair.


When I asked him how much we owe him. He said, “$100... would that be too much?” It would have been five times that  in the city if I could find someone that would have fixed it.


It was about two hours later when I found out  that the only thing that was wrong with the truck was the battery cable from the negative post had fallen off.


While my tattoo was healing, we got the three trucks and trailers together and drove a couple hundred miles combined through tumultuous thunder and rain. We're 225 miles from our destination and we're waiting for it to cool down so that we don't blow tires in the heat.

More updates from this explosive July 4th extravaganza as we shoot our loads.

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