Sabotage in South Dakota!


by John Strong III

This isn't from people throwing their shoes into looms. We've been purposely setup for destruction. I've already told you about our massive oil leak. If not you can read it by
clicking here.

I went to pick up the truck. They were still trying to work me for $1100 for a part even though I paid $1700 for them to fix a misdiagnosed problem. This time, I got the truck and drove it 60 miles to a truck stop. While I'm fueling, I hear a click click click and the whole passenger underside of the engine was on FIRE!!! I quickly run into the truck stop and grab their fire extinguisher by the front door. Luckily it was only 20 feet away. I put out the fire. Now all the wiring to my starter is burnt off. The main power cable is welded to the bottom of the truck. Of course, I already know the score. I'm not going to be able to start the truck. There's not going to be any power going to the starter. I think for a minute and say that it's a stick shift and I could just bump start the truck. So, I decided to drive fifty miles back to our camp site and get our tow cables, my right hand man Paris and some tools. When we get back to the truck stop, my truck is gone from the gas pumps even though I'd told the management that I'd be back in an hour or two and tow it out of their way. My first thought in my head was oh shit this was going to be a thousand dollar impound tow bill. Then I look in the parking lot they moved it as far as they could. I think they thought it was going to go Clint Eastwood and burn up their pumps and truck stop by catching fire again.

Paris said we couldn't bump start the truck because the glow plugs aren't engaging and it would do more damage to the engine than good. I called the carnival owner and told him that we'd have to cancel the Minnesota route because it wasn't feasible to go 700 miles and catch the last day and drive 700 miles to North Dakota when we're closer to ND at the moment. So, I rerouted the show to South Dakota to play a big national rodeo with an established festival and carnival so we will get five days not one day so if it rained we wouldn't blow another whole week. Then we have only a couple hundred mile jump to rejoin the Mighty Thomas Shows after the Fourth.

I never had an engine catch on fire and the rubber plastic coating to the main power cable was cut. I'm thinking the truck service company did this out of spite that they weren't able to squeeze $1100 out of me that they were inadequate with in the first place. Hopefully in the morning a local mechanic can solve the problem without too much more added expense. I hope this doesn't get in the way of my 11AM appointment to get my first tattoo at 55 years old. My shrunken head will be on my right arm by 2pm. My mother is probably turning in her grave right now. She always taught me that tattoos don't tell you where you're going, only where you come from. But just like my banners, I wouldn't do it unless it was the most exceptional, phenomenal tattoo. The only thing I'm afraid of is I'm compulsive. I might get every attraction I own on my body and look like Bryce Graves. Heaven forbid!

More UPFM as time progresses. I hope this is not karma to bite me in the ass. When is this bad luck going to stop?


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