John Strong has four shows up at Perry Georgia. These shows are the main museum show, the girl to gorilla, a live baby exotic animal photo opportunity, and the world's largest steer.

The world's largest sideshow and museum is up with the world's largest sideshow tent (this year) and the world's largest bannerline. The tent is a new one, the 40x100 red and yellow. The bannerline is 150 foot long. Miss Katya the Leopardess heads the live show with her fire eating, blade walking and numerous dangerous stunts. Also featured in this show s the world's only live two headed cow, the only six legged "panda" cow and Jimmy the Midget Pickpocketing Horse and numerous two headed reptiles and sixty other attractions as well.

We are very pleased with the girl to gorilla show that we purchased from C. M. Christ and Ward Hall. The banners are quite spectacular, red and yellow on vinyl painted by Cooper. This show is a real crowd pleaser and well received in the south. The tent is black vinyl to cut out light. The illusion is built on the back of a two ton box truck.

The new picture booth is a sensation hit. It really takes a bite out of the midway. We have two new blue and white 20x20 tops, new cages for the baby tiger, baby lion and baby kangaroo. We also have a baby capybara, two large tortoises and a giant 8' monitor lizard. The new circus menagerie wagon sets off the menagerie in a nostalgic way with our baby gorilla featured in this display. We had to add half inch bullet proof lexan glass to comply with no contact regulations, which doesn't seem to slow down photos a bit at $20/photo.

Our giant steer show is the only one left out of two giant steer shows in Perry. The other competitor's steer died apparently of a heart attack two days before the fair opened. I offered him the use of my steer, but he said my steer didn't fit his high standards of show quality. I said mine is doing a lot better than his at the moment.

Nick Koloszy is here with his headless woman show and giant killer rat show. Jack Constantine had shows coming in, but had a wreck in the middle of the season and called that unit back in.

Hannaford Circus is here. I'm anxious to catch the performance. More updates and photos in the next few days.


John Strong #3

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