One man is on a mission to bring back the Headless Lady, the Girl in the Goldfish Bowl and the Howling Werewolf to the British seaside.  We do to Margate to meet Jon Marshall and see his amazing Seaside illusions.


Opening picture of five page article on Sideshow Illusions at Dippers and Dunkers Festival in Margate





'People always used to faint when they saw the Headless Lady back then'







Sideshow Illusions in the current, August 2011, issue of Coast Magazine. pictures taken at the 2010 Dippers and Dunkers Festival in Margate, (where for several years Jon Gresham exhibited his Sideshows at Dreamland in the 1950s). Thanks to Heather Sawney, Director of the Dippers and Dunkers Festival.


Courtesy of - Jon Marshall - Article in the Coast Magazine August 2011 Dan Synge Photos by Peter Beach Taken at Margate 2010


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