The idea for Doctor Rigormorto started a long, long time ago and it grew every year...  The character of Doctor Rigormorto got his start waaaaay back in 1982. I was working as a Ghost Host at a Haunted House called The Caine Manor. This was the first time I had put on Horror make up. I was 17 and as that year progressed, I started formulating ideas for the character to make him even more creepy.  Scott McClelland


We will be premiering a One Minute Commercial of the TV Show Pilot Doctor Rigormorto's Emporium of Terror at the Ottawa Geek Market on a Big Screen TV at our booth! I just finished spending the day yesterday cutting it all together with the show producer and editor Howard Sonnenburg and I must say... it LOOKS FANTASTIC!

Here is a photo of Doctor Rigormorto interacting with Melvin (Joe Silvaggio) during one of the scenes on the Show. This is a first glimpse at the actual filming of the TV Show inside of Castle Rigormorto...


Our Director of Photography Karl Roeder ready for action!  This pic was taken on the set during first day of principal photography.


Behind The Scenes #4 - The corpse that Doctor Rigormorto's best fiend lives inside of..


Behind The Scenes #5 - Doctor Rigormorto filming a scene with Melvin Fiddleman. Director Chris Mullington watches monitor while DOP (Director of Photography) Karl Roeder sets up shot.


Today we proudly introduce one of the character actors on the show!

Joe Silvaggio plays Melvin Fiddleman the TV Executive. Joe was the perfect choice for the roll, he is very identifiable and a wonderful character.

Equally adept in the fields of music and acting Joe Silvaggio began his career as an orchestral percussionist. From the early age of 15 he found himself backing world renowned artists such as Shirley Jones, Cleo Laine, Dionne Warwick, and Emmylou Harris. He's also had the great pleasure of backing comedy legends Victor Borge, Don Harron and Howie Mandel.

Desiring a need to expand his creative outlets, Joe also pursued his love of acting. Variety is a word easily descriptive of his many roles in this world. From a vigilante Knight for hire in Allan Moyle's Weirdsville, a corrupt assistant coach in CBC's MVP, to roles in Resident Evil Apocalypse and the psychological thriller Torment. Joe has firmly established himself as a consummate character actor.

Recently Joe has completed work with the team behind the Ginger Snaps trilogy and is thrilled to have also completed work on Hellions, a Bruce McDonald fever dream, which has just had it's world premier at the Sundance Film Festival.

Soon you will see more of Joe and see why he fits perfectly in our sordid world. We know you will enjoy his character Melvin…. he has a few surprises up his sleeve!


Today we proudly introduce another wonderful character on Doctor Rigormorto's Emporium of Terror...

Jessica Huether plays Desdemona, the Franken-daughter of Doctor Rigormorto.

Jessica is an actress and producer, known for her work in theatre, independent film, and web videos. No stranger to the horror comedy genre, she cut he teeth on stage as Ophelia in Carnival Diablo, before making her film debut in Raiders of the Lost Shark.

However, Jessica may be best known for her work in web video, both behind and in front of the camera. She has co-starred in web-series, as well as a number of digital shorts, including the award-winning short, The Hunter. She also created and stars in the hit web series "The Opinionated Monsters," currently entering its second season.

As you will see, sometimes Monsters can be Quirky and Strangely Beautiful. Jessica's character Desdemona will make the color Green... the new Black.


And now... we proudly introduce Doctor Rigormorto's daughter, Desdemona

(made from some of the best body parts he could find)

Desdemona is a Franken-Girl...

who may not have a proper grasp of speech,

but has the same appetite as any fine young cannibal.

Here is your first glimpse at this strange young lady...

photo credit- W. Thomas Leroux


And now we proudly introduce Doctor Rigormorto's sidekick and Laboratory Assistant... Humphrey! Loyal to a fault, Humphrey does the Evil Doctors bidding, and secretly harbors a ghoul crush for Desdemona.

photo credit- W. Thomas Leroux


Behind The Scenes #6- The fun on the set was infectious.
Here, Chris Mullington the Director shares some words of wisdom with Desdemona between scenes.


Behind The Scenes #7- A look at the set detail in part of the castle...



Behind the scenes #8- Transforming into the nefarious Doctor Rigormorto!
The process takes 4 hours.

d the s Behind the scenes #9 Chris Mullington brings Gored to life.
We have plans for a few other puppet characters on future episodes... and maybe even some stop motion animation


Click on above Image to Watch Dr. Rigormortor TV Commercial


Behind The Scenes #10 A shot during filming...


Behind The Scenes #11- The Doctor Rigormorto's Emporium of Terror set lit and ready to go.
Scott McClelland built this set in 4 weeks.


Behind The Scenes #12- Going over a scene before filming.


Behind The Scenes #13- Filming a scene was always a treat because the whole crew worked like a well oiled machine. There would be up to 9 people working behind the scenes to make the Show look as great as it does.


Behind The Scenes #14- Scott McClelland as Mirrormorto preparing to film as the Genie in the Mirror.


Behind The Scenes #15- chatting between scenes. The stories were flowing fast and furious during our down time.


Let the sculpting begin!







1: Here is a pic of the progress on the Doctor Rigormorto bust I am sculpting. I have not started working on the hair or beard yet. And there is a long way to go with the detailing... but it's a start.


2:  The sculpt of Doctor Rigormorto's bust is slowly taking shape. I still have to work on the hair and beard and a ton of detailing... but I am starting to like parts of it. I will keep working on it until it is juuuuust right!


3: I am now on the final stretch of the Doctor Rigormorto sculpt. Working on the hair, then the texture of the skin and little details and it will be ready for casting.


For one brief moment we thought it might be a good idea to be like the Hit TV Show 'Glee'... but then Desdemona starting eating a cameraman and Doctor Rigormorto pulled out his Plutonium Death Ray and pointed it at the writers and all HELL broke loose.


Doctor Rigormorto about to have a friend for Dinner.  (an actual screen shot from the Pilot Episode)


Doctor Rigormorto's Emporium of Terror


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