Well.... you can finally meet some of the creatures that cause you so much pain and anguish. Meet the Grimmtugglies, there are many more, but these guys reeeeally know how to get under your skin.


You need to keep an eye out for them...

They will haunt your dreams,




 from the mind of Scott McClelland

Originally conceived in 1995 - Brought to life in November 2011

The Grimmtugglies are Faery's and Creatures that are a typical pain in your @$$ on a daily basis. They live in a world that exists just beyond the first layer of your reality. And this sordid little world is coming to light for the very first time... NOW!

Scotts mission is to bring to you his whimsical world in which you will enjoy a look at our everyday problems. In a nutshell.....


The Grimmtugglies are Faery Tales for Adults! 


The many Grimm's that Scott will be bring to life include his handmade dolls, painted portraits, hand painted city-scrapes, postcards, hand painted T-Shirts, and many more Tugglies each will delight as will as haunt your dreams.  Also stay tuned for the Grimmtugglies coming to a Comix near you......

The Grimmtugglies will be available online, at galleries and at certain Artisan Fairs in Ontario real soon!


Until then you can enjoy their haunts and mischief right here on Sideshow World! or click here to visit them online.....
























Grimmtugglie Pet




Wilbur the Faery of Depression




Gershwin the Insomnia Imp



Earl the Headache Faery



Stanley the Faery of Useless Knowledge









Grimmtugglie Pet 2




Hand drawn Christmas Cards
Water color on archival paper painted by Scott McClelland


1 Grimmtuggly Secret Book


2 Grimmtuggly Secret Book

3 Grimmtuggly Secret Book

4 Grimmtuggly Secret Book

5 Grimmtuggly Secret Book



Grimmtuggly display  at Shop Your Local Talent Artisan Fair - Ottawa.



Jess Working the Grimmtuggly Booth



Grimmtuggly Booth


Grimmtuggly Booth




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