At the turn of the last century, Cornelius Q. Periwinkle's Traveling Sideshow of Human Oddities and Curiosities was at the peak of its success. People came out in droves to gawk at the freak show, and their favorite attraction was the collection of deformed infants, affectionately known by the carnies as "Pickled Punks."

When freak shows were outlawed, Cornelius sadly disbanded. His sideshow paraphernalia, including the Pickled Punks, were banished to the basement of his San Francisco home.
One hundred years later, an earthquake rocks the Bay area. The trembler upsets an oldvbottle of Cornelius' "Fountain of Youth" snake-oil elixir, which spills out onto thevPickled Punks, seeping through the jars into the formaldehyde. The Pickled Punks magically come to life!
Emerging from their jars for the first time, the Punks sneak out of the basement to venture into the strange new world of 21st century San Francisco. By day they go on incredible adventures; by night they return to their jars to soak in the magical elixir that keeps them going.


By Glenn Dion - gddion@yahoo.com.& Nicole Jones - nicole@novaris.net


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