Penny the Pinhead liked to stick around,

You'd find her in the sword swallower or stickin' in the ground,

When upon the stage one day workin' with young Tim,


He swallowed her to the hilt, that's what done him in.

Penny liked to play the shill, as quick as anyone,

To be the first one in the top she thought was so much fun.

Runnin' in, then crawlin' out under canvas walls,

Penny one day stuck a mark, which pinned him to the wall.

The owner of the show right then, came strollin' through the lot,

When he seen her and that mark right there,
you can guess what was his thought.



Penny he quickly questioned her, what ya doin' with that man?

You could see the fear in her eyes, as he stood there cigar in hand.


Well Mr. Conner Sir, not sure what you think of Bill,

But me and him are working hard on somthin' I know will thrill.


Not knowing Bill was not his name, he left as quickly as he came,

And Penny never said a word, but hid from all her shame.

Now each and every one of you need to understand,

That Penny never meant to kill, that man they know as Dan.


Image by Mark Frierson,

Poem by John Robinson


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