Mitch can be summed up in 3 words: Hot, Handsome and Hunkalicious!

His stunning illustration work has been featured in magazines from Newsweek to the New York Times, on the covers of million selling CD's and advertising campaigns from McDonalds to Coca-Cola! His fine art masterpieces have been exhibited from New York to Berlin to Tokyo! His tantalizing tattoo designs are a fixture on the walls of tattoo shops around the word! His genius has been collected in three tomes, "Good Taste Gone Bad", "Pwease Wuv Me" and "Mitch O'Connell Tattoos"! He's treasured for his sense of humor, especially when it comes to pricing his art! Likes include: keeping it real, letting it all hang out, doing his own thing and getting down! Dislikes include: gallery owners and art directors who favor artists whose work is "good"! My God, doesn't "adequately groomed" count for anything anymore in this crazy, topsy-turvy world?!

Now... prepare to enter the wild world of "The World's Grooviest Artist" himself, Mitch O'Connell!




Sideshow Gal




Jake Front




Clown Punk




Clown Girl




Clown Tiki




Clown Punk 1




Clown Punk 2




Clown Punk 3


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