Beny the Balloon Guy!


People always ask "How did you get started in the balloon business?


I found myself in the Pike Place Magic Shop looking to find (obviously) magic tricks... but what caught my eye instead was a little $1.75 home made kit on how to make a balloon dog.


I fell in love with the art immediately and have been twisting ever since.



Since I decided to turn professional in April of 2004 balloons have opened up a whole new world... I have had a life long interest in the Circus and Carnival arts; balloons gave me an excuse to be a part of that.


I have had the the pleasure of volunteering or working for such groups as Pure Cirkus, Circus Contraption, Jet City Improv, the Blow Dog and Sneezy variety shows, Frikers Follies.


 I'm now a cornerstone member of my own performance troop The Off Ballard Players.


We would like to Welcome Beny & his Comic's to our Midway.


So Step-Right this way, the show is about to begin.


And it's all Alive -


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