Angus Oblong is a legally insane writer & illustrator living somewhere in California.


He is the author & illustrator of the book, "Creepy Susie & 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children," and countless yet unpublished books.


His animated series, "The Oblongs" is both in syndication & released on DVD.


Those projects & his website,, are his only accomplishments in life other than once successfully killing a rat with a rock from 12 feet away.


So Step Right this way you are about to experience the Strange, the Unusual,

the Shocking and Amusing and it all comes for the mind of Angus Oblong


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Master of Ceremonies

Worm People

Das Vampieer

Pauley & Abby


Giraffe Girl Legless Kitty Conjoined Family Old Baby Tenticallia

Evil Hair

Snake Lady


Dead Sebastian

Dead Clown


Dancing Lady




Posted here with the permission of Angus Oblong  




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