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General Sideshow & Carnival Links

Show History - We wish to chronicle the lost, fading and future scene on the fringes of the American amusement business-- in biography, history, photographs, and whatever else we can find. Collect the stories before they disappear, push and pull together the conflicting sources in books and memorabilia so that they can coexist in one place.

Here we go! On with the show!





The show is an unpredictable and fun-filled hour that will prove beyond all dimensions that Ripley’s is indeed, the global authority on the weird, strange and bizarre. Each show provides listeners with amazing and absolutely true tales of today as well as unbelievables from the extensive archives of the company that has been freaking out families for more than 90 years! Tune in every week to hear the latest on the weird, the strange, the bizarre, the exotic and the unusual.


Frank Eachus Publishing - Sideshow Trade Cards

Museum of the Weird - This famous Austin attraction features daily live sideshow performances! Oddities, freaks, mummies, monsters and more!! Contact

 t perform!

Theme Park Audio Archives


Below is a list of general sideshow websites.  If you would like your link added feel free to use our online submission form at the bottom of the page or email us at

Sideshow WorldTM Yahoo Group - Join our new group.  You have 3 options: receive each individual post in your email inbox, a daily digest where you receive one email with all of the posts from that day or you can just visit the main Yahoo Group site and read the messages.  Sign up today and learn, talk or lurk with the best in the business.

The Sideshow Gathering - World's Only SideShow Convention Labor Day Weekend.

for more information contact Franco at: - The Jim Rose Circus "As seen on the X-Files, The Simpsons & Jim Rose Twisted Tour." Contact:


Circus, Sideshow and Carnival Classifieds  Circus, Sideshow & Carnival Classifieds.


The Sideshow & Escapologist Community - A great Sideshow & Escapologist Message Board put together by David Straightjacket. - The Coney Island Circus Sideshow - The last remaining and most amazing real, live 10-in-1 circus sideshow in the world! - Sword Swallowers Association International - The fraternal order of sword swallowers. - James Taylor's SHOCKED AND AMAZED! On & Off the Midway.


Ratts Freakshow - A collection of photos and bios of famous and not-so-famous human oddities.


Freakatorium - The Freakatorium is dedicated to the history and preservation of the dime museum, one of America's oldest and most distinctive forms of entertainment. - Sideshow Banners.


Reithoffer Shows - One of the largest traveling midways in America. - Professor Ouch's Oddittorium. - Jim Rose Circus Of The Scars Sideshow Book, by Jan T. Gregor. - (GERMAN ONLY) German website about fairground shows . - This site offers 25 volumes worth of Sounds Of The Circus for sale in CD or Cassette.


In The Business For Myself - A website dedicated to the life and times of P.T. Barnum. - Devoted to sideshow entertainment and history. - The history of the Shuar. - Official website of Conklin Shows. - Official website of Fiesta Shows. - Official website of Skerbeck Bros Shows. - Official website of Belle City Amusements.


 The Magic Agency - It's not just magic anymore!! The official website  for the new sideshow documentary "American Carny: True tales from the Circus Sideshow" from filmmaker Nick Basile and featuring Todd Robbins & many more. Coming Christmas 2004.


Showfolks Of Sarasota, Inc.  - The World's Only Social Club Dedicated To Professional Circus Performers, Show business Entertainers, Affiliated Executives and Support Staff. - The Internet home of the Circus Model Builders, Inc.  Included are pics of circuses, virtual bookstore, and even a chat interface. - Gypsy hobo rock and roll sideshow burlesque.


Elizabeth Ernst - The G.E. Circus.  Great circus art.

Cliffhanger - Excellent, growing collection of modern carnival photos by a fine professional photographer (with some understanding words as well).

Frog Jumping Championships World Headquarters
CFA Home - Circus Fan Association of America


House of Deception The House of Deception is a place for everyone, young and old, who is fascinated by the deceptive arts
Diamond Jim Parker  “Circus people never really stop being circus people”
The Human Marvels Purveyor of Peculiar Physical Phenomena And Puzzling Prodigies of the Past.
Sword Swallowers Assoc Int'l (SSAI) SSAI is a private organization dedicated to networking existing sword swallowers around the world.
Living Sword Swallowers Sword Swallowers of the present.
Feejee Mermaid  Cabana’s mermaids are no gentle pre-Raphaelite maidens. These mermaids seduce us, not with their siren beauty, but with parchment skin and haunted eyes. Their allure lies in their hypnotic honesty.

Quasi-Modo  Freaks of Nature - Human Oddities - Prodigies, Anomalies  and  Circus & Carnival Sideshow Performers


Monty's Auctions and Concessions Monty has Played this Spot for 26-Consecutive Years Beginning in 1980!
Twin  A Chronological History of Conjoined Twins
Circus Museum: Collectie Best of the Neatherlands
Allen's Original Redwood Log House A unique exhibit. A fully furnished three room house handcarved inside a 1900 year old giant California redwood tree. It took two men nearly a year to construct this beautiful home. It is truly one of Americas most unusual exhibits.The loghouse exhibit has been displayed at important events attracting millions of people. The loghouse is available for exhibit per seasonal dates.
The Dark Art Of DETHCHEEZ  Sideshow Gaffs & Dark Disturbing Art / A Place For Gaff Artist & Fans
Carnival Midways A list of US and Canada Traveling Carnivals with Links to their Web Sites

The Olde City Sideshow Dr. Thadeus P. Zanzibar has traveled the world over to find the Horrific to the Amazing, the Frightening to the Grotesque together for you to see! BUY YOUR TICKET AND GO IN NOW!

Ballycast! the Blog & Podcast of the Carnival, Sideshow & Burlesque
Circus World Museum Wagon Collection Photos - Circus World Museum of Baraboo, WI, has a very large collection of antique circus wagons from shows like Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey plus some European examples.
Circus World Museum Poster Collection - Circus World Museum of Baraboo, WI, exhibits circus advertising posters, lithographs & art as early as 1843.
Circus World Museum Train Collection Photos - Circus World Museum of Baraboo, WI, highlights the fact that circuses traveled by rail by having many railway cars & objects on display. At one time, Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey Circus had 100 rail cars spanning a total length of 1.3 miles.
"The Circus of Life" - The exhibition Icons / Iconoclasts by photographer Wayne Schoenfeld, presented at Cirque du Soleil's International Headquarters fall 2007, comprise two bodies of photographic imagery devoted to the circus.

Ride Accidents - is the world's single most comprehensive, detailed, updated, accurate, and complete source of amusement ride accident reports and related news.
In Search of the Monkey Girl - The Imagery of Randal Levenson - The carnival/sideshow in the 1970-80s
Spalding Gray - A natural storyteller, Gray relates the newcomer's view of the fast paced cacophony of carnival life - Stories from In Search of the Monkey Girl.



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