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Captain Costentenus

Inkin' the Valley and The Sideshow Gathering

Banners & Signage

Farewell to the

 Illustrated Man

A Life of Her Own Choosing

"Mr. Sideshow"

Rare Record

Henry Tattooed Dog


Tattooed Ladies

The Great Omi


Archive-American Tattoo Flash

Artist  circa 1904

Frank & Gina

A Sideshow Wedding


Gabby & the Jim Rose Circus

Charles Edwards


Frank G. Graf

A Free Exhibition

Captain Costentenus

The Tattooed Greek


Michael Wilson

The Illustrated Man

Tattoos or Taps


Frank G. Graf

Lorett Fulkerson

Revive Interest in



Gabby & the Jim Rose Circus

Tattooed People

Betty Broadbent

Lorette and Artoria

Sideshow Tattoo Flash

Artoria Gibbons

Sample of Beauty Paploup's Work in New Zealand

Chet Cain Tattooed Artist

Capt. Don Leslie's Performs

Rasmus Nielson

"Severed Tattooed Hand" by Maness























































Stan Marye




























Rasmus Nielsen








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