Slim Price

Passed from this life June 13, 2006


As for my stories of our life together, I'm not the writer that Slim was, nor am I the showman (girl, person whatever.) Never will be, I'm just a mark and fan who loves the sideshow.

Here's how we met. Back in 1998, being the student I was, I got interested in 'freaks' then later the sideshow and how they were run. I came across Joe Bates' DG, and started posting there. Slim and myself began emailing each other, and in 1999, I came to visit him to learn fire eating. We had taken a liking to each other during the preceding year, and after the meeting, he asked me to marry him, and I said yes. I went back to England to get some money together, and came back in September 2000, we were married in October of that year, and happily.

It wasn't always easy, he'd had health issues before and since the marriage, a psycho ex-wife, and the reuniting with his daughter, meeting his and kids and great grand kids. Arguments, falling outs, sometimes just to make up again

The usual marital bliss.


But underneath it all, we loved each other. A very May-December relationship. When we married, I was 27, he 65. Slim was a gentleman and gentle man no matter what. He loved, loved life and was in a way a child and saw the world through those eyes, which is a great thing these days.

Yes, I did hear the stories time and again, even said "oh, not THAT one again" but still loved hearing them. The people he talked about, especially the ones he worked with in the sideshow and magic areas, he talked about with love. Slim rarely had a bad word to say about anyone, even the people he didn't like.

Yesterday, I lost a husband, friend, companion, and yes I'll say lover. As a hubby, I got lucky to have found him. Even though I thought otherwise, he told me every day I was the most beautiful, no other woman would do. Ok, so I've got off on a tangent here, but I believe that this shows what a great guy Slim was, and for me at least, the lights of the sideshow midway got dimmer.



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Slim loved life, his heart was in his love for each of us. His passion was in the way he lived his life. Slim contributed much, he was a many faceted person, a poet, an author, a carny, a friend, and much more. He gave from his head and his heart. His wisdom is a light for all of us in these times when life seems bigger than our strength. Slim was and is an example to all of us, about the things that really matter, risk, love and the fullness of life.


All of us have the greatest respect for you and Slim.

Both of you have shared, scarified and given so much to everyone that had the opportunity to know or have contact with you.

We are all family, we all share the loss of a great human, friend, showman, and all around wonderful person.

In what has been shared, Slim did more than his part to insure that the candle will burn brightly in the folks that he shared his talents with.

He will always be in our heart and minds as you will.

It will take a life time to give back what Slim and you have given to the folks that you have touched.

He will be missed,                                                                          

John Robinson


I was very lucky to have met Slim Price at the Sideshow Gathering last year.

He was a classy guy, and I enjoyed listening to his stories.


Him telling my brother and I that we have the best bed of nails routine he's ever seen is
probably the greatest compliment anyone has ever given.

Rest well, Slim, you'll be missed but not forgotten.
Travis Fessler



My thoughts are with you. Slim was a very generous man, and wanted more than anything to pass on the flame, which he did, every day. We will all miss him.

Paul Szauter


One of the Last Great Sideshowmen


We got word this morning that Slim Price, seen here at the sideshow gathering in Wilkes-Barre, PA last year with John, died.

The first night of the gathering, we sat with Slim at the reception and he talked to us about the Old Days. He taught us how to blister our thumbs and balance a Pepsi can on it's rim, and was generally one of the nicest people I met out there.
The carnival lost a great one today.

Eliza Metz


I'm really shocked and broken hearted to hear of Slim's passing. A true showman

My thoughts and prayers will be with Krista.
Ricky Hargrove


We will not see his like again - Slim was a true American original.
Ross Macrae


Best to you Krista...hang in there till he gets where he's goin'...and Slim, I'll see ya down the road and just around the corner. Funny thing pardner...you had called me a couple of times in the middle of the night and woke me up...well it's 2 am...I got your call.

Doug Higley


I am deeply saddened by this news. Slim Price was a dear friend to me, and to anyone who wanted to learn about this trade. He has given me gifts of knowledge and of his heart.


"During the 2005 Gathering I had the honor of meeting Slim Price, he handed me one of his hand made torches.  I told him I don't do fire, but I accepted saying 'this is you handing down the torch'.  In a sense, keeping the flame alive." 


 He will truly be missed and remembered. I wish the best for you Krista during this time.

Very truly yours,
The Great Nippulini


Although Slim and I never met, he had been a Large supporter of our show and corresponded with me whenever he could. I feel a terrible since of lose that I will never get to meet him now. Slim was such a proud keeper of the flame and will always be remembered as a Showman with High Integrity and
a strong love for the brotherhood and sisterhood of our Sideshow World.

Krista my thoughts are with you.

Lets keep that candle burning.

Scott McClelland
Carnival Diablo



I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Slim was a terrific guy. In fact at the last Sideshow Gathering he gave me one of his 60 penny barn nails that he used for the blockhead. After he gave me that it became a permanent part of my show and is still used today. In my show I speak about who gave it to me and his legacy in the business. Although he may be gone he will never be forgotten.


Slim will be sadly missed and my heart goes out to you and your family.

Ses Carny


I will always remember standing in the rain on wet jagged lethally sharp glass shards.

Wondering if this is how Slim made a living. i wondered if he would tell me to get off the glass or finish the night as long as people would stop and watch.

I still tell his tale of old carnys stealing gasoline out of the tanks of the Ferris Wheel to use for fire eating. I tell this tale, sometimes embellished a little, as I do a fire transfer on my arm, singing some hairs to illicit a dramatic response from my volunteer.

His spirit and his wishes entertain hundreds of people everyday, his story enhances thousands of peoples life.

Slim has painted a portrait for all these people to carry throughout their life.

Through me, someone he never met, his spirit lives and thrives in the imaginations of thousands and thousands of thirsty for real, tourists.

Hernan & Brynne Cortez


More than a showman, Slim was a good man. He made myself and many others laugh well and think hard.


His spirit was blinding and his faith in people unfaltering.

He is someone I am proud to have known.

Godspeed good man...we'll meet again someday.




Science teaches us that light, being energy, never dies or fades away. It simply continues on into the vast universe gradually becoming one with all matter and space. So to must be true for the energy that is a human life force. Believing that I know in my heart that the very essence of Slim will for eternity drift among us. I will listen each labor day in the din of laughter and gasps and applause of our gathering to hear his voice. Gently reminding us, as he so often did, of our responsibility and shared legacy........Keep The Candle Burning. 


Peace Slim.



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