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Maudie Lou "Flip the Clown" Flippen-Bayless, who died last month at her home near Orlando.  Maudie's clowning career as the first Clown College graduate on the newly-launched Ringling Bros Blue unit in 1971 was cut short after five years by the illness and subsequent death of her husband, Dutch Bayless, a Vietnam vet who was a victim of Agent Orange.


She returned, with her daughter, to Carson & Barnes to clown for an additional ten years in the 1980s.


As the first female graduate of Clown College to join Ringling Bros.' new Blue unit in 1971, Maudie Lou Flippen (Bayless) said during a 2008 interview that she just wanted "to make people happy." Maudie was 66 when she died at her home in Davenport, FL, on June 11, 2013.


Video Tribute by Lane Talburt



Article Flip the Clown 1986


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