Bobby Reynolds - John Hiner

Universal Studios California ten years ago when Bobby had his sideshow featured there for Halloween fright fest



"A man doesn't get too many good friends in this world. 

I consider John my good friend, colleague and partner." 

Bobby Reynolds




He was such a unique, talented individual - every time I think of skeletons in his closet he really pisses me off - I love him dearly and he will always be with me, such a guru of life, I will remember all the good, endearing qualities with much fondness, and all the traveling adventures and predicaments we suffered through and always came out the other side. John's observations of life always had a certain amusing perspective, he was like the old sage from the mountain top,  always a story and advice for any situation that gets thrown at you. Artists are usually pretty stuck on themselves but for John and me, we seemed to compliment each other, share all our little tricks of the trade, encourage each other, we always talked in recent years that we are truely the" keepers of the craft" a dying art of being able to create images without a vinyl machine or overhead projector, John took pride in being able to do it all by hand, the old fashioned way, the right way. It is a privilage to have known him and call him friend.

To describe John as I grew up through the years with him would take volumes, too numerous a tales, John is a truely colorful character, in every sense of the word.


Not very good pictures: John and me at Phillipi Creek, Florida having a meal after a good days painting.


The other one is somewhere out there on the road in hotel room, can't remember specifics but am sure it was one of those adventure trips, they all were!

Gary Linn Rittenhouse

Back in 1986 - 87 I traveled round the south - mainly Florida with John painting them banners. Back then I was 20 - a very young man and touring the states - met John in Nashville and went on a long and educational trip for 7 months painting and living his road life.. I was sad to see he died, Today Im living in Denmark, 'painting and playing music for a living ..on one of my records there is a song about this time with John. in the song October 86 Hes the "one legged man" like in his own banners !!

Jens Einer Sorensen / J.Tex

John Hiner was a Great Artist!..and was very, very Fast!! John was able to paint 5 banners at a he didn't have to change colors...In the Spring of 1987 we were broke, and John  painted the banners we needed off the cuff and got us back in business...Once we got open, we eventually paid him off, We are forever grateful....
Ward Hall



John Hiner's brother emailed me this morning to inform me that John Hiner passed away Sunday, February 7, 2010 from complications of spinal cancer. He was 62 years old. John was a dear friend of mine. He was also one of the finest sideshow banner artists and sign painters of this era.

I am putting together a memorial for John with much of the work he has done for Bobby Reynolds and myself.


Bobby Reynolds found John in Coney Island in the early 1990s painting ride fronts. Bobby asked John to move to California to paint his "Believe it: you're nuts" museum. I met John at Bobby's ranch. Over the past 20 years, he has painted many of my spectacular banners and signs.

John was not only a brilliant artist, but a man with a lot of compassion and wealth of knowledge of the world around him. He will surely be missed.

John Strong







The Alien Show was designed by John Hiner, Bill & Beverly Cadeaux and Bobby Reynolds.
It was painted  by John Hiner and it was one of Johns best jobs.
John was pretty sick at the time, but he still came out on the road with us,

and did the work anyway because he was a great guy and he wanted to do it for us.

John, flash up Heaven for us thanks for everything.   

Love Ya, 

Bill and Bev Cadeaux



I have been a fan of John's Show Fronts and Banner for many years.

John you will be Missed.

John Robinson - Sideshow World



Bobby told me lot's of stories about Hiner.



I'm proud to to say that everyday at the Freak

Show, I perform right next to a banner he painted for Bobby's "Believe It You're Nuts!" show.


I never met or spoke to John Hiner, but I'll miss him.









I first met John Hiner when he was painting Banners for Bobby Reynolds at Bobby's Fillmore Ca Ranch...John Hiner was arguably the BEST Banner painter of the Last 30 years...Many Banner painters are excellent at Graphics and or Lettering, John Hiner was excellent at both, coupled with his ornate ribbons and fine eye for
detail, he created "Masterpieces" for the Midway Showman that commissioned him...As with many Great Artists, Picasso, Rembrandt, perhaps his body of work will be now realized by many...Sadly he has passed, but hopefully his works will be preserved to be enjoyed by all...He Truly was a "Master' at his chosen craft....


Rest in Peace John Hiner......The Curator



Yes John he was the best painter out there.

I'm grateful to have had the John Hiner experience. I learned a lot from him and he had a lot of jack pots. 

I liked John for he told what he felt and not beat around the bush.

He will be truly missed..

See you on the other side my friend. god bless!





Those of us who knew John Hiner will miss both him and his work. He's on our minds and in our memories.

The Great Sideshow In the Sky has gained another great member.





Shocked. What a GREAT Illustrator he was. Some of the most beautiful banner work ever done. High quality work in the tradition of not only the midway but the old Pulp magazine covers. Sad loss to our world.

Doug Higley




This is sad to hear. I have a Spidora banner John painted and it's on our stage in The Venice Beach Freakshow.

I look at it everyday and think about him everytime......even though I never met him in person. He was a great banner painter and there aren't many left now........


His work will keep him ALIVE<>Todd Ray










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