I first met Ken at the Salon of Beauty a club in Las Vegas at a gig he was working with 999Eyes and That Damned Band.  It was my pleasure to have got to know him.


Ken was a great guy, friend, and he was a lot of fun, and loved his time on the stage. 


Ken will be missed greatly. 


John Robinson

Sideshow World




Ken will leave a giant elephant man hole.


He was proud to be a freak. He helped define the word again to mean someone who did not have a choice to be a genetic anomaly but had a choice to celebrate what is different.


He helped remind people that the strange and bizarre is beautiful. He changed the world.





My favorite memories of ken: our first freakshow we traveled with his 19 year old cat. In Eugene that cat attached a dog and ken was so proud.

Watching him turn into a classy performer, he worked so hard

Flash and Mary Go Round making him queen of poux parade.

The first time he proudly was undressed on stage to show the audience his body

How much he touched the audience

The first time the lobster girl and Samantha X took him shopping and dressed him up, he was so proud.

Walking to the cemetery by his house here in Texas with him.

Friends with
Ken Pegleg the "hey rube" for the 999 eyes

Girls coming up and hugging him after a show

when the NF people came to the 999 eyes show to protest and instead fell in love with Kens act and realized he was educating people on the generic condition.

Helping him adopt his new cat!


Dylan M. Blackthorn



Come out friends, family and fans alike to a very special send off to our beloved Ken Pegleg Pittman.

If you knew him you were a fan, then a friend and soon enough he made you family.

Music from That Damned Ensemble; special performances from some of Ken's favorite artists such as Frannie Brown.

Come out to share in Ken's send off. Come say "Goodbye" to a friend.



Rudy Ranurez



Sometimes life stops you because it's time to say goodbye, and so tonight we gathered to say goodbye to Ken Pegleg.  His life was difficult and marred by physical pain, but he shared his story with such humor, warmth, compassion and strength that he was unforgettable. It was my honor to direct him, although the smartest thing I could do was get out of his way.


Thank you, Ken. Goodbye




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I hope you knew how many people you affected and influenced. You were a great elephant man, you loved the stage, and it loved you back and gave your life so much meaning. Your performance allowed and helped people to see your heart through the bumps on your skin. You helped people love each other. You wore your difference with pride, and brought positive attention and awareness to NF. You were a bad ass in your youth and became a teacher in your older age. I'm comforted in knowing that you don't have to deal with physical pain anymore. It was an honor to be a clown at your side,


Rest in Peace Laurent Martin



Ken was always up for an adventure. What was I thinking? The places I would lead him to...insisting that the tracks in the desert were indeed a road - he, assuring me that it was not a road - yet onward he drove to discover ghost town ruins and greasy spoons. Our relationship was very domestic, we played out the roles of a geriatric matrimony. "Don't tell me that bullshit story again, Ken" "Eat your vegetables, Ken!" He really put up with a lot from me. He never let on that he planned to die anytime soon. What the hell. It's been too long since we've said hello, friend.


Heather Burns


Cartoon by Patt Kelly from Freaks Like Us - Big Apple or Bust

Sideshow World, Pego The Lego Ken Pegleg Neurofibromatosis

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