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Sideshow Performer Links

Below is a list of sideshow performer & sideshow troupe websites.  If you would like your link added feel free to use our online submission form at the bottom of the page or email us at


Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue is underground ROCK-N-ROLL Circus Stunt Show Extravaganza!  You’ll witness some of the most dangerous and death defying stunts in live entertainment performed using the human anatomy, science & physics, mind over matter and heavy hitting rock-n-roll music.  This Vaudeville freak show of wonder and dark humor features the world’s greatest FREAKS, WONDERS & HUMAN CURIOSITIES!  Hellzapoppin is one of the last authentic touring circus sideshows today!


Astounding Show - Zamora the Torture King


Mr. Marvel's Wondertorium - Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium mixes old-fashioned circus thrills with tomorrow’s curiosities into an unforgettable family friendly experience.  Featuring 10 live acts and 100 attractions there is something for everyone. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Wisconsin’s Strangest Show.


Gigi DeLuxe -  I'm an artist and performer based out of Chicago. My goal is to present traditional sideshow with glamour and artistic flair. I perform as a solo artist and once a month with my troupe Cirque de la Femme. My skill sets include Double Human Blockhead, Mental Floss, Glass Walking, Sword Swallowing and Trick Archery with human targets. 


Hawthorne's Circus Bizarre - Bringing Back Old Traditions and Making New Ones


Fire Eaters - An online amalgamation of fire eaters, flea circuses, sideshow curiosities, and more!



Gisella Rose - "La Pain Proof Artiste"


Reggie Bügmüncher


The Olde City Sideshow



Karnevil - Astounding Vaudevillainous Sideshow stunts and magic by Arson & Gypsy and their rotating cast of miscreants.



Mental Floss Sideshow

Featuring 'Acts of Wanton Stupidity' and 'Floss & Tann's Wunderkammer' - our Cabinet of Curiosity for the Incurably Curious! Recently repositioned from the United Kingdom to the wild undergrowth of Canada.


We are a vaudevillian sideshow troupe from Athens GA. Featuring: Blockheads with Power Tools, Fire-welding Bellydancers, Jugglers on Unicycles, Clowns & Mimes, Re-animated Dancing Corpses, and more!




When our troupe is on the road traveling full time as a sideshow we call the show "Mr Blank's Weird & Wandering Sideshow" and you can get more info on the sideshow here: Mr. Blanks Sideshow


The Scarred & Dangerous Thrill Show - Step right up! Step right up! You, there in the back! Make your way to the front and feast your eyes upon the modern day circus sideshow known as The Scarred & Dangerous Thrill Show. Witness feats of human endurance and curiosities — no tricks, no illusions! Extremely extreme and more bizarre than a bazaar, these freaks and geeks will display spectacular stunts and pulverizing pain-proof performances you won’t see anywhere else in the world!


Jack Wise  Magician & ventriloquist and Ireland's only Sword Swallower.  I perform at festivals , corporate gigs and just about anywhere people are gathered who want to have fun and be freaked out.



Carnival Du Freak - Canada's Obscure Sideshow! Journey into the unknown as Charles Bizarro grasps you by the edge of your seat and plummets you deep into the Victorian era. Freaks, Creeps, and Geeks are waiting for you on the inside of the Victorian Auditorium.


Richard LeBoeuf - Quality, Professional Entertainment


Thee PanNyx SuperNatural Spectacle & Travelling Anomaly Exihbit! pocket sized vagabond Carnival; showcasing seemingly supernatural stunts and surprises sure to delight and amuse.. Truly Tantalizing Tests of Telepathy & Telekinesis! Creatures & Cryptozoological Curiosities -Freaks of Nature-in jars-on display!  A SuperNatural Sideshow- with Paranormal Presentations & Eccentric Entertainments...


Original Synners Stunt Show Spectacular - John Shaw & Lady Diabla



Billie Rae - Art deco Burlesque starlet and Fire performer - Sword Swallower (Inventor of Rocket Powerd Sword),Human Furnace, Fire Eater & Breather,Human Pin Cushion And MUCH MORE!!!!  Murrugun The Mystic  

The Sideshow Sirens


Raggity Dog Productions - What's the Hold-up?  Lets Start Planning a Great Event

. - The Ses Carny Sideshow - David Straightjacket (UK) - Harley Newman - Todd Robbins - The Crispy Family Carnival - The Jim Rose Circus "As seen on the X-Files, The Simpsons & Jim Rose Twisted Tour." Contact: - Canada's Premier Sideshow - 18 years and still makin them faint! - Tyler Fyre - Nippulini "The World's Strongest Nipples" - The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus - George The Giant - The Pickled Brothers Sideshow


The Lizardman - The Lizardman - The "Rubber Boy" Daniel Browning Smith - The Straightjacket Circus (UK) - Roderick Russell - Kondini


The Great Baldini - Sideshow Bennie


Dethcheez's Freakshow - The Dethcheez Freak Show & Yahoo Group - The Great Throwdini - Matt The Knife - Charon Henning - The Blue Monkey Sideshow - Chris McDaniel - The Magic of Lance Gifford - Johnny Meah - Thomas Blackthorne (Italy) - Dr. Wilson & His Amazing Memory Elixir - Mephisto the Master - The Wolf People - Meister Eckart (Currently German Only) - Daredevil Stunts and Flaming Lunatics - The Modern Gypsies


Capt. Don Leslie - Captain Don Leslie - Franklin's Freakshow (England)


Belteshazzar - Belteshazzar The Sword Swallower - Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theatre Troupe - Magic Brian - James Peters (UK) - Miss Behave 

Brianna Belladonna - Sword Swallowing Mistress of Mayhem! - Circus Amok - The Pain Proof Rubber Girls


Natasha Veruschka - Natasha Veruschka, The Queen Of Swords - Lucifire (UK) - Thom Sellectomy - Dai Andrews - Brad Byers  - The Flying Cat Circus - Doc Swan - The Great Voltini - Freakshow Deluxe - Orthae (SWEDEN) - Grinder Girl AKA Combustible Kiva - Jewels - The Acme Miniature Circus - Shunka Peta Fire Manipulation - The Two Man 10-in-1 Sideshow - Jeff Collins (Canada) - The Fiasco Sideshow - The Spike Man (Scotland). - Robert Wolf


Sean K Miller


Smokey DeVille - Loren"Freakshow"Foley


Miss Satanica - Tobias - Mysterion The Mind Reader

http://www.Wolf-EFX.Com - Robert & Valerie Wolf - The John Shaw Pandemonium Midnight Show - Jason Schneider - Mr. Elastic. Be sure to check out the video! - Albert Cadabra Hilariously Wild & Diabolical Sideshow Magic - The Great Orbax Sideshow Canada's Premiere Freak!  - Circus della Morte  Fiasco Sideshow  Reverend Tommy Gunn      Be careful what you wish for.....!  World Record Holder & Magician Mark Mysterrio CREEPY, KOOKY, COMEDY MAGIC AND SIDESHOW ACTS  CirKo Productions is not a huge corporate giant in the entertainment industry…Actually, CirKo is a family, of only a few talented people, who possess a great deal of Show Biz knowledge, and a nice collection of toys that seem to amuse people…

Amazing Amy - John Chaos Sideshow Freak "Totally Deranged Entertianment!" Experience a once in a life time performance from the last of the touring mystics. Not quite magic illusions and not quite real psychic ability. You'll witness feats of an extraordinary trained mind, body, and soul.   Santini  The Dark Master of Escape...."The Art of Escape Taken to Terrifying Dark  Dimensions" The Unholy Sideshow will pull you into the dark underbelly of the circus. Show casing ancient feats of human ability and freak stunts of insanity. X-treme Behavior With Harry and Vikki Velvet


999 Eyes Freakshow & Surreal Sideshow Thee 999 eyes ov endless dream carnival museum and sideshow,  Living human oddities  medical anomalies  Mutant animals  dark carnival jug band music -  and so much more


Pyroptix Cirque Du Soleil Fire Artist, Dan Miethke provides high impact fireshows worldwide.


Circus Mundus Absurdus The core of the CMA concept is a cross-disciplinary body art / sideshow performance in a form of an absurd theatre play – telling a story of an oddball freak circus troupe.


Roslyn Walker  Escape Artist - I do this for the same reason some people jump out of planes.


Kamelyan, and Skinphony The Human Orchestra  International freak performing the beautiful and the grotesque. Home to Skinphony, the World's only living Human Orchestra.


Insane Entertainment  Freaks, fools and powertools


The Wolf People - Meet the exotic and Beautiful Wolf People. Yes, we are real!


The Pyrate Sisters All Girl Sideshow  The Softer Side of Sideshow


The Insect Circus Official site of the Insect Circus Museum & Peep-Show Mechanical Menagerie.


Insane Entertainment Freaks, fools and powertools!


The Pyrate Sisters All Girl Sideshow  The Softer Side of Sideshow


josh the juggler's Circus Sideshow a true 10 in 1 sideshow plus world class juggling and much much more!


Flaming Fun Stilt And Fire Entertainments Creating a truly innovative experience for those in search of "The Ultimate Wow Factor" for your event or special occasion.


Swami Yomahmi--Unnatural Acts of Comedy  Is he a mystic and a fakir? Or a faker prone to mistakes? Either way, you'll be scratching your head and clutching your sides as you scream for Yomahmi.


Alex The Magician Alex performs not only Magic & illusions but the very rarely seen Sichuan Opera's Mask Changing / Bian Lian Act.


The Daredevil Opera Company thrill clowns and circus performers telling poetic and pyrotechnic stories. Inspired by silent film, animation, vaudeville, circus and mythology, this collection of shows is physical comedy at its most explosive.


Pure Cirkus is a Cirkus from Seattle with: suspension - fire - freaks - acrobats - aerialists - grinders and more.........


SwingShiftSideShow  Andrew S. & Kelvikta / Tandem swordswallowing, heavy eyesocket weightlifting, P-darts, artistic suspensions & more!


Tony Chapparo - Escape Artist / Magician Unusual Magic & Death Defying Escapes


The Official DisGraceLanD FamilY FreakshoW Website "Risking Your Lives...for Our Entertainment" Escape Artist Tim Eric



Miller & Wilson's Theater of Marvels is an old-time traveling show featuring magic, feats of daring, Middle Eastern dance, and more.


Cheeky Monkey Sideshow - Doc Walker’s Olde Time Modern Day Sideshow of the Future is no more. We are now Cheeky Monkey Sideshow



Ken Pegleg Cirkus Freak Pegleg the Modern Day Elephant Man, Member of the Cirkus ov The Dammed



Keith Leaf - Amazing Fire Juggler International street artist, Keith Leaf takes fire juggling to a whole new level, integrating fire staff, meteor rope, and torch performances with fire tennis rackets, flaming dog leaches and his own world-renowned invention the Flaming Slinky of Death. Watch in amazement as he lights his Butt on fire three times in every show.


Les Freaks - The association  "les Freaks: created on August 24 of 2004, according to the 1901 law, aims at promoting young artists with the organizing of happenings during which shows are performed.  Just like the movie "Freaks" released in 1933 and directed by Tod Browning, we would like to offer the audience a dimension of strangeness, difference and tolerance thanks to the staging of the exhibited works and performances in an early XX century circus-and-fair-like atmosphere.  The purpose of our parties is to initiate the interactions between the artists, the crowd, and the professionals from the fashion, music, cinema and art worlds.

Logan Jacot - Rubber Boy "I like to think that while I perform, I let people escape back to their childhood dreams and realize that they can truly do anything. If I can do that for just one person then my mission has been completed."


Hot Shot  Houdidn't, the One Man Side Show, a hilarious tour de' force of the weirdest escapes, illusion and body manipulations anywhere.


The Greg Frisbee Show Comedy juggling, magic, fire eating, upside down escape and much more.....


California Institute of Abnormalarts Featuring the weirdest sideshows, burlesque, handicapped and f-ed up puppetshows around, & Circus Sideshow Museum!


The Space Cowboy The Space Cowboy is one of the world's most phenomenal sword swallowers and an incredible thought reader.




Lobster Boy/Black Scorpion The performer known as Lobster-Boy as well as the Black Scorpion.


Hoffman Exotic Endangered Cats of the World Center ring stars and World renowned animal trainers, Yaro and Barbara Hoffmann have created one of the most unique, entertaining and educational animal shows in the World today.



Les Sages Fous - Creates a lost world where human and puppet coexist. A world where puppets are born and grow old.


Pyromancer - One of the world's best firebreathers


Captain Howdys Flying Circus - A suspension and freak show circus started by Captain Howdy in the year 2000


Flaming Fun - supplies extreme professional artists and entertainment  for any event!Providing Stilt Walkers, Fire Performers, Walkabout Acts, Angle Grinding spark show, UV glow shows, fire eating, fire breathing, fire dancing, fire shows etc


Cardone the Ultimate Vaudeville Magician - Magic,Ventriloquism and Escape ... The Worlds First Mentriloquist!


Madman of Magic - Professional Fire Eating, Escape Artistry, Illusions and more!


Banana Derby - Provide a fully self contained show to entertain guests at Fairs, Celebrations, Trade Shows & Expos!!


Dasher Magic - Themed magic shows including a Flea Circus


The Magic of Steve Hyde and Melanie - Magic, Illusions, and Escapes




Paradox Sideshows - One of the last traveling sideshow companies in continental Europe.


Flaming Barrel Of Monkeys - A Site Devoted to Fire Manipulators


Captain Howdys Flying Circus - Body suspension, skewering, fire, glass, swords,
escapology and more . welcome to the most extreme freak show in England


Mar Omega - Fire Eater - Bed O' Nails - Straight Jacket Escape - Grinder - Staple Man. Now performing in Austin, TX.


Art Vs Mayhem Sideshow - Out of Iowa, doing fire eating, sword swallowing, and other things your parents told you not to do.


Sideshow Illusions - Preserving, restoring and presenting original, vintage, sideshow illusions and creating new shows for modern audiences.

Wall of Death - Motorcycle Thrill Show



Carnivale Lune Bleue - Experience a 1930s-style "Old-Tyme" carnival, featuring Canada's top freakshow, Carnival Diablo


John Strong's Worlds Finest Show - Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!


The Rotten Brothers Sideshow - starring Will and Col. Wally Rotten, is a wholesome, family entertaining, unique show presented as no other.








Freak Show World -This new archive of the strange, odd and unusual.  Some of these things were made by God in His infinite wisdom.  Others were made by man in his great creativity.  Still others made themselves.  Regardless of how, why and what, hurry, hurry folks, what you want is on the inside.




Forbidden Oddities Sideshow - You haven't seen odd till you've seen The Forbidden Oddities Sideshow... A unique combination of danger, wonder and excitement-a real thrill!





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