Famous I.X.L. Ranch" Wild West Traveling Show. In 1914, the final year of the I.X.L. Ranch Wild West, they toured combined with the "Great Harris Shows" and pictured in this Photograph is the horse drawn ticket Wagon of "The Famous I.X.L. Ranch Combined With The Great Harris Shows".


"Billboard", the I.X.L. Wild West was organized by Roy Chandler and when it opened in 1909 the Show carried "seventy people, including Indians, cowboys, rough riders, Cossacks, sixty head of cattle, stage coach, and caravan trail." In the Native American contingent were Comanche bow-and-arrow ace Crooked Nose, and Little Big Horn veterans Charlie-Owns-the-Dog, Standing Cloud, Long Bull, and Oglala Sioux leader, Flatiron. "The older cowboys with the organization," wrote the Herald, "assert that it was Flatiron who harangued the Indians before they went into the Custer fight."


I.X.L. Ranch Wild West from 1914  is an advertisement for performers that appeared in "Billboard" on March 21 that read: "Wanted immediately, man for Punch and magic, side show and concert acts, agents, billposters, musicians, candy butchers, cooks, people in all lines of circus and wild west business. Concessions for sale. Address I. X. L. Ranch and Harris Shows Combined, care Atkin Hotel, Knoxville, Tennessee". The next week's Billboard included the following "I. X. L. Real Wild West Show. Jack W. King, proprietor; Bobbie Fountain, manager; R. Lehman, asst. manager; F. King, treasurer; J. McLean, secretary; Chas. Elliott, general agent; Tom Shirley, supt. canvas; Chas. Hartley, boss hostler; J. McLean, supt. commissary dept.; Jack Rhinehart, supt. ring stock; Blackie Norris, supt. working crew; Kid Howard, supt. animals; Joe Holmes, checker-up. Show opens at Knoxville, Tennessee, April 2".


January 9, 1915 and portends the end of the I.X.L. Ranch and Great Harris Shows Combined - it reads "On account of inclement weather and bad conditions in the Southern States, the I. X. L. Ranch Show closed at Dawsonville, Georgia, December 12, about two weeks earlier than Manager Jack King had planned, as he promised Christmas dinner on the lot. The show opened in Knoxvllle, Tennessee, April 1, playing two days under the auspices of the Elks, and toured Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Old Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia. It is now in winter quarters at Gainesville, Georgia. Fifty-five horses, seventeen wagons and from forty-five to seventy people were carried. Manager King expects to enlarge the show to twenty-four wagons next season, carrying six cages of wild animals and seventy head of horses. Besides the main show, there will be a wild animal show, pit show, curio stand, shooting gallery, palmistry, ball games and refreshments. The show opens in Gainesville, Georgia, early in March, and will make one and two-day stands."



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