Patronized by the Royal Families of England,

France, Belgium, &c. &c. &c.

From Regent Street, is now exhibiting at

Somerset Gallery, Strand

Next door to Somerset House.




Among the numerous Feats they perform are the following



drawn by four Fleas, completely harnessed, the Coachman and Guard, (also Fleas) dressed in the Royal Livery, the former holding a Whip belabouring his four CHESTNUTS; the latter blowing a horn.




In which two Fleas dressed as Ladies, and two as Gentlemen Dancing a Waltz : twelve Fleas in the Orchestra playing on different Instruments of proportionable size, the Music is audible.  Four Fleas playing a game at whist.


A beautiful Fleet of Men of War in full sail


In a representation of the Bay of Naples with Mount Vesuvius in the distance.  Each ship being drawn by a single Flea being 420 times the weight of the insect.


The Marquis of W-driving a Tandem two spirited Colts, his Lordship being represented by a Flea in a pea-green coat and white trousers ; the Groom and Horses are also Fleas.


The Great Mogul, seated under a splendid palankin borne by an Elephant, attended by slaves, who fan him as he proceeds on his route smoking his Hookahs.

The Game of the Ring will be executed by four young sparks, and set in motion by a steady hand.


The Three Heroes of Waterloo!

The Duke of Wellington,

Napoleon Bonaparte,


RIDING on Fleas, with Gold Saddles, &c.

Two Fleas deciding an Affair of Honor sward in hand ; another Flea dressed in a Blue Petticoat, pulling up a bucket from a Well; and several other objects, including Microscopes, Long Faces, Broad Grins, &c.



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