Here are some highly talented fleas —dancers, pullers, racers, kickers.


CAN you jump 1500 feet?


Can you carry four tons?


These fleas can (in proportion), so don’t look down your nose at them. They’re strong guys. And tough.



Prof. LeRoy Heckler gets along with them fine. He breeds them, teaches them specialty acts, directs a circus in which they perform. He earns his bed and board that way. They get their board right off his forearm once a day—a tiny droplet of his blood. Their bed is a tiny soft blanket where they snooze in a row between performances.


His fleas are real people, each different, the Prof. says. Prince Henry is very good at juggling a ball many times his size and weight. Rudolph operates a merry-go-round (a mighty small one).


Go see them when you have a chance. No, none will adopt you. They’re show folk, harnessed to their art.




FLEA FROLICS - Modern Mechanix - (Jun, 1946)

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