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Torps Flea Circus. Real live Performing Fleas was started by William Torp  in England during the twenties and performed with his Flea Circus all over England. Later he opened in Denmark in the famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.  He had his Flea Circus two years in Egypt as well at the time of Farouk's reign.


After his death his wife took over the Flea Circus and had it until it closed it in Tivoli in 1965. William's son learned the trade from his farther and opened his Flea Circus in Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey USA in 1960.  He spent two seasons at the Million Dollar Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and traveled with the Flea Circus in a special built trailer from the Canadian Border to Florida, and from the east coast to the west coast giving shows in Amusement Parks, Shopping Centers and Fairs.


There were articles about the Flea Circus in about 200 Newspapers.


Interviews in about 80 Radio Stations and appearances on about 60 Television programs including What's my Line and the Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.


Later in the1970s he opened the Flea Circus in Tenerife (Canary Islands).  John is now retired.


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