Trained and performing fleas have entertained the royalty of Europe centuries ago in a antiquated form.  This entertainment was called the "Flea Theatre."


Some years ago I determined to make an improvement in this old time form of amusement and by diligent study, backed by skill, patience and determination, I introduced the "Flea Circus."  I acquired my skill and patience by building models of ships through necks of bottles and making small trinkets during my spare time.


Being a lover of nature I have studied the biology of fleas and other insects and am in a position to answer any question that the study may bring forth.


Many people have studied fleas but have not been able to handle them properly and their efforts have ended in failure.  It is said that one of the late Rothschilds spent a fortune on this interesting study and finally gave up a in despair.


I am ready to entertain the curious and pleasure seeking public with an all star performance of trained fleas in Circus stunts.


There is an unlimited number of species of fleas.  The human fleas distinguish themselves among others by standing endurance and the length of life as well as intelligence.


Among animals, each kind brings forth its own species, more or less.  They prove themselves as to knowledge and endurance much after their host.  It is often asked, "are fleas not carriers of disease?"  I am here to state that all fleas carry germ life which surround them, this being the purpose for which they have been created, for they inoculate man and beast with the surrounding germ every time they feed upon their host.

This, however, is nothing more than a mild form of vaccination, so that if a large quantity of surrounding germs should enter any host that the flea has inoculated the blood germs would be exercised to ward off invasion.


The flea is not an accumulator of disease because it does not ail.  If illness befalls them they lose their gloss which is their protector and die immediately.  Neither do they care for nourishment if not in proper condition.  The flea is a seeker of cleanliness and health and will hardly feed upon a diseased host.  They are very sensitive as to taste and shun any odor possible.  It is odor to which the flea is confined that proves its quickest destruction, so if you want to get shod of fleas confine them to any odor.


The eye sight of the flea is keen.  They hear by way of vibrators.  Their inclination differs almost as much as that of man and there are no two fleas alike.  A flea usually can be taught one stunt after they have been put through a certain test that sifts out the higher type from the low.  They solely exist upon living blood.  Moisture in a light form may help to prolong its life, while extreme heat shortens it.  All of the performers are initiated by having a collar placed around their neck, and as the saying is, they die in their harness.



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