Sir Jeffery Dunstan Mayor of Garrat

When second-hand wig-seller Jeffrey Dunstan walks into the Leather Bottle pub in Wandsworth, it soon leads to fierce competition amongst the local plebs as to who will be the next mock-Mayor of Garratt, an election fought with parades and floats and all the fun of carnival. Since Jeffrey's competitors include publican Sam House, the political agent for the infamous Charles James Fox, it isn't long before the smart London set are drawn into the fray. Not only the actor Garrick join the throng of thousands but also the playwright Foote and that well-known 18th Century radical John Wilkes, as well as the scandalous Duchess of Devonshire.


Souvenir coins struck with the likeness of the 'Sir Jeffery Dustan' were also for sale.



"Sir Jeffery Dunstan Presenting an Address from the Corporation of Garrett" from Thomas Rowlandson (1788) in the Royal Collection, UK - From the curators' comments: "A hand-coloured print of Sir Jeffery Dunstan, a second hand wig seller in London who was elected as the Mayor of Garrat to protect the interests of the inhabitants on Garrat Common, Surrey. Dunstan, holding a mace, presents a crowned William Pitt with an address at which Pitt shows obvious delight."



Thomas Hall

An original image  of Thomas Hall.

 Image also depicts a Toucan

Thomas Hall of No. 10 City Road was a taxidermist, curiosity dealer and proprietor of an exhibition of stuffed birds and animals, curiosities and natural phenomena. He was the owner and exhibitor of the first Kangaroo ever to be brought to Europe which is an illustration of the importance and popularity of this establishment in Georgian London. However, in line with the values of the day, animals were not the only the exhibits at this museum and sadly deformed humans, dwarfs and Africans were also put on show as a curiosity and this penny token advertises one of them.


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