1993-1994 Lake Tahoe California


The Images of this page are from the interior of the museum as it was in Tahoe in 1993. Have a look. I literally busted my back building it...and went bust running it. It was the best of times...it was the worst of times and the greatest year of my life fulfilling a life long dream. Doug Higley




In 1993 I built a Museum...a lifelong dream come true.  Gathering up exhibits on loan from other museums it was a wonder to behold!  Here are a few of the photos I still have of the venture. Doug Higley



Above: Downstairs LOBBY. Most of the Museum was upstairs but there were lower level exhibits as well.


Below: After paying the $3 the Museum goer was greeted at the top of the stairs by a fully animated Cow.




Above: The Robots were part of a MASSIVE antique Tin Toy Exhibit


Above: The fabulous marble machine





Above: The Circus Sideshow Room Packed with STRANGE OBJECTS!



Above: OLAF THE GIANT 9ft Tall! As Exhibited at the 62 Seattle Worlds Fair 



This is the room most folks (those few who visited the Museum) spent the most time...

there was so much to see and WONDER at!


Above: in the case behind the Carriage were collections of costuming for LIBERACE and SAMMY DAVIS JR. as well as a fantastic collection of memorabilia and belongings of BING CROSBY.  The Museum also had The Guns of AL CAPONE and many other rare and unusual artifacts.  All authentic TRUE WONDERS.  Unfortunately not many people came in even thought the admission was only $3.  The next door Casino Slot machines had a much more powerful pull.


We really tried to educate and most of all ENTERTAIN but it just didn't grab 'em off the street.  Those who DID venture in were amazed and most all said it was the best Museum the had ever seen.  It was still a heart breaker (and a back breaker to build it when we had to close it).


Above: some of the bizarre 'gaffs' of well known sideshow artist HOMER TATE


Above: An entire room of rare vintage Toy Trucks!


Above: Quack medical machines etc.  The table was from the time of George Washington used for blood letting.  When a button was pushed the girl screamed and a siren went off. (heh heh)


Above: Victorian Fashion



Above: Yep....that's HIM. In front is the MEGA FORCE stunt buggy


Above: Flying Saucer and BIGFOOT exhibit


True Wonders Old Time Museum was a labor of love and hard work and comprised collection from 3 museums gathered and presented to a disinterested public.  It was AMERICANA on display for three bucks.


Not shown on this page are the countless RARE tin toys or the fun machines for a nickel (like the ole hand crank movieolas), celebrity items, presidential historical objects from the White House (!) The incredible Mega Force Stunt vehicles including the rocket firing motorcycle and many other things that made True Wonders the best darn museum on the Planet.


Above: On the left in the case antique Toy Cars. On the far back wall Trains


Above: 56 Chrysler Newport...my baby...also 'lost' when the Museum closed



The True Wonders Old Time Museum was dedicated to the spirit and fun of the old DOC JONES FANTASTIC MUSEUM which wowed Seattle for years and was a part of the Seattle World's Fair in 1962.  I never got to see that museum or collection in it's hey day but was fortunate to have some of the hilarious contraptions and exhibits that made that attraction so entertaining and still remembered to this day.  Above: is one of my favorites.


I'm Doug Higley and Thanks for visiting!!!!


THANKS to Jim for trusting me to make a dream come true it was GRAND!!!! Maybe next time it will work. :-)



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