Illustration shows a gallery of presidential candidates, clockwise, from bottom left: John Kelly as a card-playing pig, Chester A. Arthur as "The Snake Charmer" charming a snake labeled "Stalwart Vote" with a horn labeled "Patronage", Benjamin F. Butler as "What is it?", "Siamese Twins Keifer [and] Robeson", John A. Logan as the "Wild Zulu on the Warpath", "Carlisle, Morrison, [and] Hewitt" as a "Wax Group of Three Heroes Who Perished in an Attempt to Reach the Pole of Tariff Reform", "'Richelieu' Robinson" as a "Fire Eater", Charles A. "Dana" as a "Screech Parrot", a cage containing an "Un-Happy Family - N.Y. Board of Aldermen", an "Ancient Mummy Exhumed Lately" labeled "1876 Fraud Issue - S.J.T.", John "Sherman" as "The Man in the Bloody Shirt", Henry Watterson as a buffalo, Whitelaw Reid as a giraffe, and Samuel J. Randall(?) as "The Democratic White Elephant", William "Evarts" as the thin man, Roscoe Conkling as the bearded lady, David "Davis" as the Fat Lady, Robert Todd "Lincoln" and George F. "Edmunds" as "The Two Giants", James G. Blaine as the tattooed man, T.C. "Platt" and William "Mahone" as Tom Thumb and his bride, and Samuel S. "Cox" as a dancing poodle. Also, a stuffed tiger labeled "Tammany" on a pedestal labeled "Killed by Roosevelt".


  • Illus. from Puck, v. 15, no. 371, (1884 April 16), centerfold.
  • Copyright 1884 by Keppler & Schwarzmann.

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