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Kima Veiled




Specimen Name: Skin fraqment of "Kima".

the "Elephant Woman"

Other Common Name:
"Elephant-skin Woman", "Alligator Woman",
"Alligator-skin Woman" (Stage names of Kima)

Location: John Strong Circus Sideshow at Dreamland Amusement Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Collection Date: 2009/08/06

Description: Skin fragment of Kima, the Elephant Woman. She was born  with  an  extremely  rare  non-contagious  skin  disorder called ichthyosis, which literally means "fish-like skin" in dermatology. She cannot sweat because she does not have any sweat grants. This happily married Afro-American female is a mother of three children, and none of her children shows any signs of her skin conditions. Kima made her first stage appearance as a live human oddity at John Strong 10-in-1 circus sideshow in July 2009.



Kima Anderson, the Elephant Woman



   (left) Hands of Kima Anderson        (right) Feet and ankles of Kima Anderson


The Star of the Strange Girls Show in Coney Island 2009 summer season is none other than Kima Anderson, the Elephant Woman. Never in million years, what had I imagined that a true human oddity would come up to me for a job. When I laid my eyes on Kima, I knew she was one in a billion, and would be a star in the Strangest Girls on the Earth Show. Kima from her head to her toe is the strangest living girl I have ever laid my eyes on. She has the skin resembles the hide of an elephant.  She does not sweat, so in hot weather, she is uncomfortable.  When Kima came up to me and asked a job, I knew that this would be a new Elephant Woman in the 21st century. She took to the show business like a fish to a water. She got up to the microphone and started explaining about her strange skin condition.  For you see, Kima is one in five people on Earth with this skin disorder that turns her skin to scales no her entire body and her face. The customers were amazed by her story, spirit, and her sense of humor.


Kima is one of the strangest and nicest woman you would ever meet.


If you find yourself in Coney Island and New York area, please stop by my show, and meet the eighth wonder of the world, Kima, the Elephant Woman!


Strangely Yours,

John Strong III, Strangest Show on Earth!

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