The annexed engraving will give the reader an idea of the Marvelous Impalement Act of these celebrated performers.  Zat-Zam is the most expert and unerring in his profession.  He is assisted by Miss Mowra, who acts as a living target, possessing in a marked degree that peculiar nerve power that is requisite in an exhibition of this nature.


This man practically illustrates the tortures inflicted among the ancient Aztecs, using in his exhibition, knives, tomahawks and spears, employing his assistant as a target.  He throws the knives with almost lighting like rapidly, never making a mistake, while surrounding her with a circle of glittering steel.  She assumes many different positions, but always with that same marvelous skill he hurls the knife through space, encircling her in a network of blades, hatchets and spears, and still she stands smiling and unharmed.  He also uses a paper screen placed in front of his assistant, so that she can be seen by the audience but hidden from his view, and again the same wonderful exhibition of skill and nerve is seen.  The knives passing through the paper reach their mark, embedding in the boards, completely surrounding the young lady, and she again steps away unharmed.  Truly here is presented a wonderful exhibition of skill and nerve, possessed by this remarkable couple.  As further test of his dexterity, he throws a knife, CUTTING IN TWO A CIGAR HELD BETWEEN THE LIPS OF HIS ASSISTANT.  THROWS KNIVES, HATCHETS AND SPEARS BLINDFOLDED, and with swords and Razors cuts as apple in two parts while held in the mouth, on the forehead, on the throat an don the back of the neck.  Miss Mowra's marvelous contortion act is also a great attraction.  She performs with ease and artistic grace most of the feats performed by our very best "Human Corkscrews" and "India Rubber Men."


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