FRANK DEAN was born in California, and after completing his high school education toured the country with various Circuses, Wild #West Shows, and Vaudeville Units.


During the 1929 season with Al. G. Barnes he did his knife throwing act and in addition trick riding and fancy roping numbers.  Here he worked with two other noted knife throwers, Frank Chirarello and Bennie Pete.


In 1935 his novelty knife throwing was a sensational feature of the entertainment program presented at the Grand Yokohama Exposition in Japan.


Upon his return in 1935 he started the manufacture of throwing knives.  This came about owing to the many requests for knives from people witnessing his act. 


His experience as a soldier in World War II added to his knowledge of the use of the knife in combat.




The Gibson's, presenting their sensational knife throwing act.  The board used is round an mounted on an axel like a wheel.  His assistant spins rapidly as she is firmly held on the revolving target while Otto Gibson throws his gleaming blade around her.


For his finale a paper hoop cover is placed over his assistant.  She is outlying with knives again while under the paper, as the solid wood wheel is rapidly revolved.  The only part of the assistant showing from beneath the paper hoop is her feet.  All the knife thrower's timing must be gauged from thee protruding shoes.



Tex Orton, Famous circus knife thrower outlying his assistant.


Blindfolded, with a hood over his head, Tex Orton presents this thrilling stunt.



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