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A photograph of Jack's dressing room.  It was only six feet by four feet, but hey, my name was on the door! 



Hi, everybody!  I haven't sent updates in a while, but I thought I'd share this one with ya.

Recently my agent got me into a last minute audition for USA Network's "Monk" since the role seemed specially designed for my bizarre skill sets.  I got to audition in front of all the production guys and Tony Shaloub.  They were all very nice and we had fun with it.  I landed the role, my first for major television program.  Yay!

The part I got was for a hibachi chef from a fictitious eastern European country called Zemenia.  All my spinny-aroundy knife skills came in handy, as well as my hobby for imitating dialects and Joe "Brokenfeather" Darrah's Spinner Bowie (that I sharpened so I could also slice vegetables with it).

My scene was shot the day after the call back.  That was my first insight into the fact that television goes fast.

The shoot day was crazy fast.  Despite the fact that I'd never even stood behind a hibachi station, let alone cooked on one, my only chance to familiarize myself with that environment was when the director yelled action and the cameras were rolling.  No pressure, just hurry up and do a million flashy things while being funny... oh. and speaking Polish with a native accent.  I was on the verge of panic for a while, but kept it reigned in 'cause I obviously had work to do.

Speaking to the director afterwards, I told her that I hoped we got what she was looking for, and that I thought we'd finally reached a comfortable silly place.  She said that should be the motto for the whole show, "comfortably silly".

Anyway, please set your TiVo's or make a note to watch the episode.  I just downloaded the following info from TV.com.

 Mr. Monk and the Pretty Face  


Aires: 8-22-2008


Monk takes on the case of an attractive model... despite the fact she's confessed to murder.

I hope everybody is doing well.  Please write me back and give me the lowdown!

Pointedly yours,

Jack Dagger: The King of Fling


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