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Snake Oil & Medicine Shows


Welcome to Snake Oil and Medicine Shows 

This page features Information about the present day and historic Medicine Shows.

You will find a grand assortment of miscellaneous & interesting articles, stories, artwork, pictures, links etc. etc. etc.  For just 25 cent, We have here Snake Oil & Medicine Shows it is everything you need for what AILS YA!



Snake Oil & Medicine Shows


Health or Money Restored

Private Collection

Dr. Bumstead's - Celebrated Lenape Liquid Show

                Dr. Wilson

Chief Rolling Thunder

Private Collection

Traveling Medicine Shows

Private Collection

Displayed at Abbot Village

Private Collection

Born for Hard Luck: Peg Leg Sam Jackson - Medicine Show Performer

Private Collection

Modoc Indian Oil

Private Collection

Dr. Ward's Remedies & Extracts

Private Collection

Medicine Men on Wheels

Private Collection

Kickapoo Stage

Private Collection

Indian Medicine Show

Private Collection

Kickapoo Indian Remedies Tradecards

Private Collection

Come and See Rolling Thunder Tonight

Private Collection

Old Indian Medicine Co.

Private Collection

Baker's Summer Fun

Private Collection

Big Thunder - Modoc Patent Medicine

Private Collection

Millie Ownes, the Long Haired Lady

Private Collection

Cherokee Cure

Private Collection

Diamond Medicine Company's Camp

Private Collection

Oregon Indian Medicine Co

Private Collection

Pop Haydn Pitches the Amazing Miracle Oil

Pop Haydn

Pop Haydn - Wet Plate Collodian Tin Type

 by Allan Barnes

Kickapoo Sagwa - Indian Medicine Company

Private Collection

The Vanishing Medicine Shows

Richmond Times-Dispatch

19th Century Traveling Medicine Show Flyer

Private Collection

Dr. Lighthall's - Medicine Show


White Eagle's Indian Rattle Snake Oil


Barnum & Bailey and Other Cures


Little Doc Robert's Old Time Medicine Show

News Article

Dr. B.J.Kendall's Pectoral Elixir!  
"Col William Brown"

News Article

Medicine Show Man

Dr. Larry Freeman

Tom & Jim Brown  
Working the Medicine Show  
Indian Medicine Company a Robbery

News Article

More about the Mighty Atom


The Mighty Atom


Medicine Show Dakota Dan's Miracle Cure


Rolling Thunder Chief Medicine Man of the Kiowa Nation  

William Naylor

Arkansas Shakes

William Naylor

Uncle Zeb's Inside Frog

William Naylor

The Dancing Turkeys

William Naylor

    The Medicine the Drove the Show

Dr. B.J.Kendall's Pectoral Elixir!








Dr. Solar Good Time, Sunshine, Traveling Medicine Show


"Doc" Johnson's Travelling Miracle Medicine Show!


J. Phineas Flusterbeck Magic Medicine Show


Miller & Wilson's Theater of Marvels


J.W.Johnson, "Snatched" By Indians ................... Joins Medicine Show


Virtual Medicine Show


Dr. Wilson & His Amazing Memory Elixir  


Here Today, Here Tomorrow - The Medicine Show


Medicine Man Show




    Streaming Video, Audio Clips,  History and Just a Great Time


Dr Wilson reveals the Feejee Mermaid to his shocked hosts!








Commanchie Indian Medicine Company


Doc Barth's Medicine Show


Buffalo Elixir Medicine Show















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