Long Haired Lady




Valuable Receipts for Beautifying the Hair.


POMADE FOR THE HAIR. - Take one ounce of spermaceti, one ounce of caster oil, four ounces of olive oil, and two pennyworth of pergamot, and melt them together in a pot placed in boiling water, stirring the mixture all the while; when thoroughly mixed. pour the mixture into pots while hot.

HAIR RESTORATIVE. - A good hair restorative may be made of boxwood leaves, of which take a handful and put into one pint of boiling water; digest for an hour, simmer ten minutes, and then strain.  In applying it to the hair rub it well into the roots.


TO INCREASE THE GROWTH OF HAIR. - Take of mutton suet, one pound; best white wax four ounces essences of bergamot and lemon, of each three drachms; oils of lavender and thyme, of each one drachm.  Mix the suet and wax over a gentle fire and then perfumes.


WALNUT HAIR DYE. - the simplest form is the expressed juice of the bark or shell of green walnuts.  To preserve this juice, a little rectified spirits may be added to it, with a few bruised cloves, and the whole digested together, with occasional agitation for a week or fortnight, when the clean portion is decanted, and, if necessary, filtered.  Sometimes, only a little common salt is added to preserve the juice, it should be kept in a cool place.


TO CURL THE HAIR. - There is no preparation which will make naturally straight hair assume a permanent curl.  The following will keep the hair in curl for a short time:  Take borax, two ounces; gum arable, one drachms; and hot water, not boiling, one quart; stir and, as soon as the ingredients are dissolved, add three tablespoonfuls of strong spirits of camphor.  On retiring to rest, wet the hair with the above liquid, and roll in twists of paper as usual.  Do not disturb the hair until morning, when untwist and form the ringlets.

HAIR WASH. - Take one once of borax, add an once of camphor powdered - these ingredients fine - and dissolve them in one quart of boiling water.  When cool, the solution will be ready for use.  Damp the hair frequently.  This wash is said not only to beautify, but to strengthen the hair, preserve the color and prevent baldness.

TO PREVENT HAIR FORM FALLIN OUT. - To prevent hair from falling out or turning gray use a teacupful of dried sage, and boil it in a quart of soft water for twenty minutes.  Strain it off and add a piece of borax the size of an English Walnut, pulverize the borax' put the sage in when cool, into a quart of water; add the borax, shake well together and keep in a cool place, wet the hair thoroughly and rub the wash well sin the head with the hand this after a good hard rubbing brush the hair well before the hair so it will become dry.


I have been on exhibition all over the world.  hoping these instructions will be followed and a grand benefit will result, I remain,


      Yours Respectfully,


                   MILLIE OWENS, 


                             Long haired lady.

      Friend of Old Chief Long Hair.


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