Dr. Lighthall's


Most Stupendous


Medicine Show On Earth--


Or in the Other Place.



Dr.  Lighthall's Wonderful Discovery that cured "warts, corns, calloues, bunions, sprains, fits, misfits, bowlegs, stuttering, and all the ills that flesh is heir to.  Will straighten crooked noses, drive away bed bugs, relieve that tired feeling, put vim, pep, vigor and new life into old or young.  






Listen to the Following Testimonials from Home Folks.  If the high price of paper didn't prevent, we could give you thousands more just like 'em.


Dear Doctor--As you know, I have been unable to talk much for months past, in fact have been practically dumb.  Since taking your Discovery I am now able to talk fluently, some of my friends say excessively.


                                                                                                         BEATRICE BLAIR.

                                                                                                            Sweet Girl Graduate.


My Dear Doctor: ---I can most highly recommend your Wonderful Discovery.  have tried it in California for flea bites, in Colorado for frost bites, in Florida for alligator bites.  It never fails.  Have also used it with great success for in growing toe nails, furniture polish, toothaches, ring worm, shingles, failing hair, eye strain, self-consciousness, infantile paralysis, and loss of memory.  Once when driving home from Florida our gasoline ran out, and having a bottle of your Wonderful Discovery in the car; I emptied same in the gasoline tank.  We made 72 miles an hour down the mountain side.  Last fail by bottle on the porch of our farm home at Keller.  The goats emptied the bottle during the night and before noon of that day they had cleared the brush from one hundred acres, which proves it is a wonderful appetizer.  I always keep a bottle in my pantry, also one in my auto, one in my trunk, and one in the right hip pocket of my husband.  The men never fail to tell how youthful I am looking, all of which I credit to your Discovery.


Am enclosing photograph to show what it has done for me.


                                                                                           MRS. MAYE THOMPSON.

                                              View Point Farm, Keller Station, Route 4, Peoria, Illinois, U. S. A.


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