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Barkerís of Philadelphia ó seller of medicine for people & farm animals Ė was the publisher of some of the funnest  advertising cartoons. Appearing in flyers, their annual Barkerís Comic Almanacs (given away to customers between 1878 and  the early 1930s), and in larger premium booklets known as Barkerís Komic Picture Souvenirs, these cartoons were highly popular. Customers could acquire the Komic Picture Souvenirs, by sending in x number of proofs of purchase of Barkerís products (the number varied over time), making the Souvenirs amongst the earliest verified premium comic books. The high point of humor and art for Barkerís, was with artist R.A. Williams who created the comic below.



Abe Brown, with his wife, 13 children and a dog, made it a point to go to town once a year, during circus time Abe always made a bargain for the whole family, so much for the lot, all the side shows were taken in.


For Hogs and Cattle.- Mr. E. D. Moyer, of Robesonia, Pa., in a communication, says:  "Having tried Barker's Horse, Cattle and Poultry Powder, find it a very superior powder, especially in fattening hogs and cattle.

Walking on Crutches for Four Months and Cured by Barker's Nerve and Bone Liniment. - Mr. J. M. Lawlyes, merchant, of Petersville, Ky, says: "Mr. Geo. Gesse has been walking on crutches for four or five months; after using Barker's Liniment he walks without them



Adam Forepaugh, the great show man and owner of 465 valuable horses, uses Barker's Horse, Cattle and Poultry Powder.   A man with his years of experience, and owner of so many valuable horses is certainly worthy of example.

Stone Cutter-"What Kind of a tombstone would you like for your husband?  We have some handsome red granite."  Weeping widow-"I don't want a red one.  My poor husband was a blonde and red would not harmonize with his complexion.  The poor man died of rheumatism.  Barker's Nerve and Bone Liniment, was recommended, but it came too late.  Caution-Always keep it in the house, It is also good for bruises, sprains, &c., for man and beast.  A big bottle for 25 cents.


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