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Little Eddie Taylor

Evelyn McEuen

Ivan Nickolay

Prince Atom - Barnum's Sideshow

The Midget Theater

Mr. and Mrs. Steere

Doll Family a Collection of  Photo

Souvenirs from Midget Town

Theo. Salem - Hav-A-Laf

Midget Palace

Seppetoni Worlds Smallest Man

Major Casper Nowak

Tom Thumb

Prince of the little People

World's Smallest Couple

Tiny Tasha

The Rare Baby

General Mite

The Doll Family

 The Bregant House

Three Del Rios

Glass Walker

Johnny J Jones French & Belgian Midgets

Princess Wee Wee

The Little Russian Prince

The Midget Baby

Tiny Tina

Anita The Living Doll

Wonderful Midgets

Dollie Dutton

Tiniest Woman in the World

Chiquita Programme

Little Tom

The American Dwarf

Filipino Midgets


Nelson De La Rosa


Rossows Boxing Midgets

William's Boxing Midgets

Bessie Worlds Smallest Fat Lady

The American General Tom Thumb - ca 1857

The Midgets Palace

Phillipino Midgets

Pete Terhune Photographs by Chip Weiner Prints of Dwarfs - Great Britain - 1792-1843

Fair Warm-Up

Major Winner

The Miniature Madam Melba

Dolletta - Bingo Fair 1914 & More

Long and Short of It

Your Question Answered?

Filipino Midgets

Mrs. Gen'l Tom Thumb

Philippe Nicol

Commodore Foote and Sister - Post Card

Little Lady

Man in Miniature

Remember this Picture?

Miss Olof Krarer - The Little Esquimaux Lady

Baron Capitan Nicu de Barcey

Tom Thumb's House

Princess Victoria

King Dodo

Clara "Dolly" Scott

World's Smallest Woman

Mechanical Box

Lilliputian Opera Co


Willie Wendt Smallest Bandmaster

Business is Good

Grand Free Exhibition

Pete Moore

The Barnum & Bailey Family of Phenomenon's

Mae West Mimic Died in Crash

Moe & Joe Williams

Margarito Worlds Smallest Man

In the Cookhouse

The Thumb Wedding

Bucky, Bonnie & Billy

Circus Hall of Fame


Little Chiqutia

H. R. Jacobs Unique Novelty Company

Circus to Feature Tiny Man

Singer's Midgets

Baron Captain Nicu De Barcy

The Midget Palace

Gen. Tom Thumb - Trade Card

Coretta World's Smallest Lady

1913 Article by Anita

Dollie Dutton

Worlds Smallest Mother

Birthday Anniversary


Margaret Ann Robinson

The Doll Family - Clyde Beatty Circus

Ann Margaret Robinson Pitch Card

Pigmy Woman

G. W. Anderson

The Family that Hecht Writes About

British X-MAS Celebration

Little Man Having a Busy Day

Love is a Funny Thing

A Circus Family

Backstage with the Circus

Tiny Visitors Arrive

Myrna Graham World's Smallest Lady

Little Man, What Now?

Commodore Nutt - Ticket - Advertisement

The El Dorado Elf

Business Good With Midgets

Little Eddie Taylor

Little George Townsend and Family

Lady Little The Doll Lady

Count & Baron Margi

Baron Nowak

Doll Family in the Cook House

Marceline Jr. and Wife - As King and Queen

Ann Margaret Robinson - World's Smallest Lady

Little Richard King

Johnny J. Jones Midgets

Coney Island's - Lilliputian Stars

The Tom Thumb Collection

Midgets' Manifesto!

Princess Ann





















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