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I recently moved to Wolfe City, Texas, a small town in Northwest Hunt county. I heard some "old timers" talking in the local cafe about the Giant buried just outside of town.


I did some research and found  "Shields, Jack Robinson Aug 21, 1859 - Oct 27, 1896 Jack was 7 feet 11 inches tall and was one of the four Shields Brothers called the Texas Giants touring with the Barnum and Bailey Circus They later had a book written about them named the Texas Giants also a historical marker was erected on Highway 69 in Kingston Texas near their old home place."

Does anyone have a picture of him or his brothers and any other information on them? Robert Bennett Wolfe City, Texas


Robert: Here are 7 excellent images (the first a photograph submitted by a great granddaughter the next five cabinet cards are by Eisenmann  the last is by Wendt)


The Shields were known as the Texas Giants, they are wearing their overcoats and hats. In the first photo there is a normal sized man standing with them for comparison.


The double breasted military stile coats feature decorative buttons and piping. Their hats all have matching emblems.

In the last two photograph shows Shadrick Archibald "Shade" "Captain" Shields and his wife Giantess, Annie O'Brian  .  John Robinson, Sideshow World


Read more from the family of the Shields Brothers


Photograph submitted by Ellen a Great Granddaughter


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