The Tallest Man


CHICAGO - 3-20-29 The tallest man in the world is Jack Earle, 8 feet 6 inches tall and 22 years old hardly has his growth.  The little fellow who is trying to hit the big Texan on the chin is Jack Miller, Chicago cameraman, and he is of average size.




Generous Nature


CHICAGO - 11-28-30 A great big man from the west, Jack Earle, They would nickname him "Shorty" felt rather chilly when he arrived in Chicago from the sunny west coast, but warming coffee was soon at hand thanks to thoughtful Madeline Doyle and a step ladder.  Shorty soars at 8 feet 3 inches and scales 305 pounds though only 24.  He plays a big part in the films. 




Man and Superman


NEW YORK - 3-28-31  When Bernard Shaw wrote his famous play "Man and Superman" he might well have been thinking of this interesting pare of gentlemen who are big shots of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.  They are "The Major" (Left_ who is 29 inches tall, and Jack Earle, his giant pal, who towers at 8 feet 7 inches.  Earle and the major are not quite sure what each other looks like but they're pals just the same.  Both are to appear at Madison Square Garden Soon.




Circus Folks do own Rigging as Employees Strike


NEW YORK - 4-12-38  A group of circus performers, including John Ringling North, one of the owners of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.  Jack Earle the giant and Harry Earl the midget, are pictured assisting in the pulleys as the show opened for the evening performance here at Madison Square Garden tonight.  More than 500 employees of the circus, constituting, riggers, property men; animal feeders, porters and train crews, went on strike just before the big show started ins evening performance.  Badly crippled, the management lived up to the tradition, that The Show Must Go On.




Circus Giant Sees Self in Miniature


NEW YORK CITY - 04-28-39  Jack Earle, Circus giant with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, is shown as he posed here today for sculptor David Michnich at the outdoor sculpture show, 29th Street and Park Avenue.  The sculptor found it not too east to transform the 8 foot 61/2 inches giant to the 12 inch clay model he is shown washing.  Earle who weighs 400 pounds and hails from Texas, is himself something of an artist, having two New York art exhibits to his credit within the past five years.



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