Max Palmer was born in a small town in Mississippi called Ponotoc. He had three sisters, all of normal height. His mother measured 5 feet tall and he himself was billed at 8 foot 2 inches, though may have been around 7 ft 7 in. His acting spanned from 1952 to 1954.  He starred in such movies as "Invaders From Mars" and "Killer Ape" with Johnny Weissmuller. He also was a guest on such variety shows as "Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis Comedy Hour" and "The Jimmy Durante Show".  After he left acting he became a professional wrestler in Salt Lake City Utah. He was billed as "Paul Bunyan. His career here was also short lived because of alcohol dependence . He became an evangelist in 1963. He preached all over the United States. He preached until his death in 1984. In May 1975, Max married a woman, Betty, who stood 4 foot 11 inches tall. They remained married until his death. Max is buried near Pontotoc, Mississippi.





SAN DIEGO, Calif., Nov. 17 1952 GIANT JUGGED-- Max Palmer, 25, who towers 8 feet 4 inches, unfolds himself from City Jail cell today.  He was placed there on charge of being drunk and disorderly.  The policeman is six-foot Sgt. Walter Phillips.




Feb. 5, 1953 - Hollywood, Calif.  Studio's new ape Man' as the result of a nationwide search, Max Palmer, an eight-foot, six inch giant, weighing 450 pounds, has been signed by producer Sam Katzman at Columbia to make his motion picture debut in the title role of "Killer Ape".  The 25 year old former farm boy from Clarksdale, Mississippi, is a haberdasher's nightmare with a size ten hat, a 22 inch neck, a 50 inch chest, a 49 inch waist 19 inch hands, a size 64 suit, and his feet require a size 20 for his right one and a 21 for his left.  he is shown here having his intricate ape man makeup adjusted by Columbia hairdresser June Roberts.







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