Aug 4th 1913, Lowestoft Hippodrome.  Abomah - African Rag-Time singing giantess.  Height 8ft - Age - 32 Weight 24 Stones.  First visit to England. Note from back of card.



An African Giantess


 Abomah, a superb specimen of the African negress, who enjoys the distinction of being the tallest woman living, is black as ebony, and endowed with great physical strength, combined with a symmetrically molded figure, is now on her way to Liverpool. She was formerly one of the attendants and body guard of the barbaric King of Dahomey, whose Amazonian warriors have been famous alike for their prowess and cruelty.


Trained for her bloodthirsty calling from early childhood, she was inured to hardship and pain.  Her stature increasing out of proportion to her years, she became a particular favorite of the monarch, and led his army.  This extraordinary woman stands over eight feet in height, and can easily support the weight of a man on her outstretched hand.  The dusky beauty, having recently evinced a strong desire to travel, and particularly to visit England, will no doubt soon pay a visit to some of our principal cities.



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