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"Count Olaf" Billed as 8ft - 6in


Count Olaf, The Norwegian Viking Giant was born in Oslo Norway, Oct 18 1906.  He was born a healthy boy weighing twelve pounds.


His parents are normal people.  His father measures five feet, nine inches and weighs 145 pounds.  His mother is just a little smaller.  He is the only boy in the family but he has two sisters younger than himself of ordinary sixe.


When Count Olaf was five years old his parents decided to move to the United States of America to educate him.  Since then they lived in the state of Wisconsin The Count easily finished public school at the age of thirteen, Norwegian school at the age of seventeen, state Teachers College at the age of twenty-one thus securing a professorship and a degree entitled Bachelor of Education.

Since that time the Count has been in the show business and has no desire to return to Norway, except on a visiting tour.


Of course, the Count most have all his clothes made to order, including his shoes and hats.  He wears size sixteen shoes and size eight hat.  His chest measure is forty-six inches normal and fifty six inches expanded.  His waist measure is forty two inches.


He also has an appetite in proportion to his size and can eat and drink as much as tow ordinary people.


There is no way of accounting for his enormous size except that we know he is a direct descendant of the Norwegian Viking, Olaf Sigurdion, who was a giant king among giants.  That is how Olaf got the title of Count.


Thus, Count Olaf today holds the record of being the World's Tallest Man.  He actually measures eight feet, six inches, and weighs three hundred and twenty-two pounds.





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