Chihuahua Beauty Seven and a Half Feet Tall


A MODERN JUNO, Caroline Rascon, poses with man of normal height.



CHIHUAHUA, Mexico - The people of this busy Mexican capital continue to rub their eyes in amazement while learned doctors are discussing the most remarkable visitor in the memory of the city's oldest inhabitants.

The visit of a pretty young lady might ordinarily pass as a matter for comment in the society pages, and a quickening of pulse among the town's dashing young caballeros.  But when the attractive senorita is 7 feet 5 1/2 inches tall, has the strength of a Hercules, and weighs a mere 337 3-10 pounds, it becomes a matter of incredulous astonishment.

The story of Senorita Carolina Rascon lay buried in an obscure mining village, Uruachi, Chih,. until an enterprising friend of the family, Don Jesus Avitia, decided to take the youthful giantess to the state capital so that her countrymen could see the mining region's proudest treasure.

In 1917, in the humble little mining town, twins were born to Senor and Senora Abraham Rascon.  While their father, a miner, worked underground digging out the gold and silver which have brought fame to the mines of Chihuahua, the little twins played with the other children of the village.


When Carolina and Simona were four, the neighbors began to take notice, for contrary to the natural expectation that the twins would develop equally in features and stature, this pair began to show radical differences in their growth.  Simona continued to grow as a normal child, while Carolina shot up until, when the twins were six she was the size of a 10-year-old child.

When the children were 10 Simona was normal in size, while Carolina had the appearance of an adolescent and possessed extraordinary strength.  She could carry her sister with the ease of a man and toted such loads home from market that she became the envy of the older boys.

Thus, to the astonishment of the townspeople continued toe accelerated and unprecedented growth of Carolina.

When she was 12, she could no longer join in the children's sports for it was impossible for her competitors to match their capabilities with hers.

In basketball her hand reached to the level of the basket; in tennis she covered the court in two or three easy steps while her opponents exhausted themselves running.  When she mounted a horse, her feet touched the ground.

Now 27 years old, Carolina is so strong that she can easily carry a man on each arm and can lift a pony as easily as an average person picks up a dog.

However, unlike most giants whose bodies frequently are badly proportioned and whose torso is sometimes short in relation to the length of arms and legs, Carolina has a figure which could pass in a fashion show, hands which are feminine though of great size and a disposition which is sweet and gentle.

As to intelligence she is normal in every respect contrary to in every respect contrary to case of some super-sized humans in whom nature has seen fit to counterbalance great bodily size with a paucity of gray matter.

When Carolina was growing up her harassed mother had great difficulty in clothing this twin who continued to outgrow her clothes with alarming speed.  Shoes for the sprout-ing young giantess were the hardest problem of all.

One day a travelling shoe salesman stopped at the house of the oversized adolescent.  Senora Rascon told him "I want shoes for a little daughter."

The man opened his satchel and took out shoes for a child.

"No" said the senora. "Show me something bigger." The Salesman produced shoes for a young lady.  Carolina's mother, sensitive about explaining to a stranger did not dare say more than, "No. You do not have what I need."

"But, senora" responded the shoe agent.  "I am sure I have what you want, if you will call the child...."

Caroline came out at her mother's call, and approached the man whose back was turned.  Upon looking up to see what appeared above him the startled salesman started to tremble, snatched up his shoes salesman started to tremble, snatched up his shoes cases and ran away without saying a word.

The villagers tell many other anecdotes of their gigantic young beauty whose timid and sweet nature has kept her until now hidden away in the mining hills unknown to the residents of her natal state of Chihuahua.


by Jack Starr-Hunt Central Press Correspondent
The Evening Impendent Mansion O. Mon., Oct. 2,1944


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