Here's a list of the various circuses John Aasen worked in. He claimed to have worked for several, these are the ones I can verify  by Ben Lonrusten Norway


1913 - Barnum and Bailey???? Not verified.


1916 - Went to state fairs and markets with his childhood buddy Lawrence Buck- The Midget


1917 - 1919 - Sells Floto Circus


1920 - 1921 - C. A. Wortham (winter reason with Elks)


1922 - John T. Wortham Carnival


1922 - Contract signed with Hal Roach

 29 December, in Chicago for Why Worry.


1923 - Why Worry/Harold Lloyd - Sid Graumanns Million Dollar Theater in LA


1923 - Al. G. Barnes Circus  


1924 - from January -Phoenix Carnival Company (on Hawaii)


1924 - Foley and Burk Shows , with manager Dich Wayne Barlow


1925 - Rubin & Cherry Shows (The aristocrats of the tents)


1926 - Starts with James Dutton Circus , from 17 Aug. (as the finest attraction in the country ref. Billboard magazine) with Robbins Bros. Circus.  jumps on in Kansas


1926 -  movie - Long live the King with Charley Chase and Oliver Hardy


1927 - movies Legionnaires of Paris, Sting of Stings, Two Flaming youths


1928 - Say Uncle - director Arvid Gillstrom, with Jack Duffy.


1928 - On tour with Fanchon and Marcos Midget Follies


1929 - 1930 - on tour for Clare & Greenhalgh in Australia- (Joe Glancy)

Elks Mid Winter carnival on Hawaii and in Shanghai with Lillian La France


1930 - 1931 on tour in Australia and New Zealand with Tex Hilton and Wild West Carnival

1932 - Tod Brownings "Freaks"?????  Not verified


1933 -Hospitalized most of the year


1934 - Tour with Major Arthur


1935 - Carnival with Jimmy Durante and Lee Tracy.


1936 - Movies Bengal Tiger and Charlie Chan at the Circus.  Committed to Laguna Honda Home in November later transferred to Mendocino State Hospital


17 January 1937.


1937 - Mendocino


1938 -  1 august he dies due to pneumonia

Later shipped to Dr. Humberd for dissections and autopsy-  Soft part cremated and shipped back to be laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial in Glendale.


Bent Lonrusten

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