Johan or John Aasen (Aason) was born in Minneapolis march 5. 1890. According to some sources he was the tallest man in the world measuring over 9'.

He worked in many circuses, carnivals and shows- and he traveled with Ralph Madsen in 1918.
Sells Floto Circus, C. A Wortham Best Shows, Al G. Barnes Circus, Rhoenix Carnival Company on Hawaii, tours with manager Dick Wayne Barlow, Rubin & Cherry Shows Dutton Circus, Robbins Bros. Circus- according to Billboard, as the finest attraction in the country. Fanchon - Marcos Midget Follies Ideas. Joe Glancy Sideshow for Clare and Grennhalgh in Australia and Hawaii. Elks Mid Winter carnival in Hawaii and Shanghai with Lillian La France, New Zealand with Tex Hilton and Wild West Carnival

He acted in several movies- one talkie:
Why Worry with Harold Lloyd, Sting of Stings and Long Fliv the King with Charley Chase, Two Flaming Youth with W. C Fields and Mary Brian, Should Married men go home with Laurel and Hardy, Growing Pains/Our Gang, Legionnaires in Paris with Al Cooke and Kit Guard, BAngal Tiger with June Travis and Charlie Chan at the Circus with Warner Oland. (Johan is claimed to have been in Carnival with Jimmy Durante, Say Uncle from 1928 and Tod Brownings Freaks- none verified, picture with Durante and Aasen found)

Johan Aasen was a known freemason and had many famous friend.
His claimed height of over 9' is quite an exaggeration. According to the final measurement done by on his skeleton in Loma Linda in april 2010, Johan was ca. 7' 1.1/2" (217,6cm) in real life. (Beacause the skeletons vertebra discs are replaced, this measurement can be adjusted up and down an inch. )

Measurements done in his later years- 1936, 1937 and in june 1938 Johan was measured from 213,4 to 215,6. An early measurement done in 1916 at the Mayo clinic show 6' 10" (212,8). US Army measurement in 1917 - 7'1"

Doctor Grays case report published in may 1937 measure Johan to 7'. Newspaper articles in 1935/36 tells about a shrinking giant.

He died august 1. 1938 from pneumonia at Mendocino State Hospital, his ashes- without skeleton rest at Forest Lawn Memorial in Glendale LA

Ben Lonrusten

Picture is taken in the 30' in San Fransico Pine and Montgomery Street

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