Dear Friend:

This life history of "THE WORLD'S TALLEST MAN" will answer most of the questions that would interest you in regard to my life as "THE WORLD'S BIGGEST LIVING GIANT MAN," a distinction which has created a big furor wherever I have traveled and been seen.

My life history as "THE TALLEST MAN WHO WALKS THE FACE OF THE EARTH TODAY"  begins with my birth 45 years ago on a homestead in Silva, North Dakota, of normal sized parents.

I have two sisters also average size.  I am the only tall person in my family and can account for my enormous size only by telling you that I am a descendent of the old Norwegian Vikings amongst whom there were many giant men.

At birth I weighed twelve pounds.  At 16 years of age I measured six feet six inches in height and had already reached a height above that  of my father who measures five feet ten inches and my mother who measures five feet nine inches.  I kept on growing until I was twenty-seven years of age at which time I attained the extraordinary height of eight feet seven inches.  At the present time I am forty five years of age and weigh four hundred sixty pounds.

I am a graduate of Central Wisconsin Teachers College and am qualified to be a high school principle in the state of Wisconsin.  I am a graduate of Marquette University Law school, Milwaukee, Wisconsin with an LLB degree and am qualified to practice law in the state of Wisconsin and in the state of Oregon.


I have traveled for many years as the GIANT with the largest indoor and outdoor circuses and have appeared in vaudeville, motion pictures and on the radio.  I am married and live in my own home equipped with special made furniture in Portland, Oregon.  I travel in my own special built auto and when away from home use a room with two beds.


I wear a size 22 shoe, size 9 hat, size 19 1/2 collar and of course all my clothes have to be specially made to get them big enough..  I wear a ring on my finger so large you can easily pass a silver half dollar through it.  Try passing a nickel or dime through your finger ring.

Any other questions will be gladly answered and thanks to everyone for your kind interest.


Cliff Thompson

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